My response to ’40 questions for Christians who oppose marriage equality’ from Tobin Grant or Matthew Vines

Tobin Grant or Matthew Vines

Started: July 2015

Finished: August 30 2016

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The following questions are from the articles authors and are in quotations and my responses will be in the bold font from MS word.

“1.Do you accept that sexual orientation is not a choice?”



Gay men, lesbians, bisexuals are not born that way. You chose to be sexuality active in those ways. We are only born Male & Female there is no biological homosexual, lesbian, bi or transgender.


“2.Do you accept that sexual orientation is highly resistant to attempts to change it?”

Gay men, lesbians and bisexuals can be changed through the power of Jesus. There are individuals who are no longer gay, lesbian or bi. Individuals are ‘highly resistant’ because of leftist ideology.


“3.How many meaningful relationships with lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) people do you have?”



“4.How many openly LGBT people would say you are one of their closest friends?”



“5.How much time have you spent in one-on-one conversation with LGBT Christians about their faith and sexuality?”


Zero. I see such persons as heretics. Their views are contrary to the Christian Faith and the Teachings of Jesus and the disciples.


“6.Do you accept that heterosexual marriage is not a realistic option for most gay people?”

Most lgbt persons don’t need marriage they can have all the relationships they want without marriage. Heterosexual marriage was never meant to be used as a cover for ones homosexual behaviors.


“7.Do you accept that lifelong celibacy is the only valid option for most gay people if all same-sex relationships are sinful?”

Celibacy is only useful to those who want to be a Christian and only those who devote themselves to God can even do so. To be in a homosexual / same sex relationship is only useful within the context of leftist / liberal ideologies.


“8.How many gay brothers and sisters in Christ have you walked with on the path of mandatory celibacy, and for how long?”



“9.What is your answer for gay Christians who struggled for years to live out a celibacy mandate but were driven to suicidal despair in the process?”

Why are you Christian if you want to have same sex relationships? You are better off without God and follow the leftist philosophy that exists within American society & culture. Christianity is about self denial and not following the world.


“10.Has mandatory celibacy produced good fruit in the lives of most gay Christians you know?”

I don’t know any gay ‘christians’ and I donot know the amount of celibate gay men or lesbians in any specific churches.


“11.How many married same-sex couples do you know?”



“12.Do you believe that same-sex couples’ relationships can show the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control?”

No. Because I have never met any so called liberal / progay same sex couples that exhibit the Holy Spirit nor do they adhere to the Teachings of Jesus or the Disciples.

Most homosexuals actually behave according to Galatians 5:19-21.


While Christians who seek after Jesus work towards Galatians 5:22-25


Also the progay heretics also demonstrate. 2 Timothy 3:1-9


“13.Do you believe that it is possible to be a Christian and support same-sex marriage in the church?”

No. Because neither Jesus or the Disciples never accepted pagan sexuality that was used within the Roman, Greek and other cultures around ancient Israel at those times. Nor did they teach anything positive about those sins in order to promote such activities while alive. They probably knew of those types of fornication’s but they did not partake or preach acceptance of those sins.


“14.Do you believe that it is possible to be a Christian and support slavery?”

A poor allegory on your part. Slavery was a world wide evil that was used in all Countries. Being part of the lgbt-ers only makes you a slave to your sins. Lgbt-ers were never enslaved or badly treated like African and other slaves well known in the early history of the USA.


“15.If not, do you believe that Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Jonathan Edwards were not actually Christians because they supported slavery?”

Such quotes’ donot exist and so your not only a progay nutter but a liar as well.


“16.Do you think supporting same-sex marriage is a more serious problem than supporting slavery?”

“17.Did you spend any time studying the Bible’s passages about slavery before you felt comfortable believing that slavery is wrong?”

Slavery doesn’t exist in the USA anymore. As for gay marriage it is legal and questionable and since there is plenty of online evidence that it is unnecessary and not beneficial your statement is meaningless.


“18.Does it cause you any concern that Christians throughout most of church history would have disagreed with you?”

“19.Did you know that, for most of church history, Christians believed that the Bible taught the earth stood still at the center of the universe?”

“20.Does it cause you any concern that you disagree with their interpretation of the Bible?”

21.Did you spend any time studying the Bible’s verses on the topic before you felt comfortable believing that the earth revolves around the sun?

Pointless garbage.


“22.Do you know of any Christian writers before the 20th century who acknowledged that gay people must be celibate for life due to the church’s rejection of same-sex relationships?”

“23.If not, might it be fair to say that mandating celibacy for gay Christians is not a traditional position?”

“24.Do you believe that the Bible explicitly teaches that all gay Christians must be single and celibate for life?”

“25.If not, do you feel comfortable affirming something that is not explicitly affirmed in the Bible?”

  1. No…
  2. IF a person who claims to be gay / queer / lesbian / bi etc. wants to be a Christian what is more important God or fornication? IF those in the lgbt con-munity want to be Christian they have to follow the exact same doctrines against fornications as anyone else. IF not then why be Christian? What progay nutters like you do is commit sycretist ideas from leftist philosophers who are not Christian but part of the lgbt agenda.
  3. Lgbt-ers donot need to be Christian and can happily liver their lives without God.
  4. Lgbt sins cannot be ‘affirmed’ within the teachings of Jesus or the Disciples.


“26.Do you believe that the moral distinction between lust and love matters for LGBT people’s romantic relationships?”

“27.Do you think that loving same-sex relationships should be assessed in the same way as the same-sex behavior Paul explicitly describes as lustful in Romans 1?”

“28.Do you believe that Paul’s use of the terms “shameful” and “unnatural” in Romans 1:26-27 means that all same-sex relationships are sinful?”

“29.Would you say the same about Paul’s description of long hair in men as “shameful” and against “nature” in 1 Corinthians 11:14, or would you say he was describing cultural norms of his time?”

  1. No. Lgbt lust is part of your desire for same sex fornication s it may or may not become love depending on that couples choices.


  1. Why did you ignore Romans 1:18-32? Those within the sycretist lgbt religionists are not making a Biblical argument for their cause. They are showing their Biblical ignorance.


  1. Since when is lesbianism, sodomy etc a loving or natural act? It seems to those of us outside of the lgbt-ers that same sex fornications aren’t better than anyone else.


  1. Cultural norms during that time.

“30.Do you believe that the capacity for procreation is essential to marriage?”

“31.If so, what does that mean for infertile heterosexual couples?”

  1. Many marriages produce children. Others do not. Marriage is not only a Christian celebration but a human celebration bringing a man and woman together and their families.


  1. It only means that they cannot have children. There is nothing wrong with that. It can be due to any number of issues within the sphere of Medicine.

“32.How much time have you spent engaging with the writings of LGBT-affirming Christians like Justin Lee, James Brownson, and Rachel Murr?”

“33.What relationship recognition rights short of marriage do you support for same-sex couples?”

“34.What are you doing to advocate for those rights?”

  1. No. Pointless heretics.


  1. Any thing that is secular since lgbt-ers don’t need Christianity nor do they need God accepting their fornications.


  1. No. No need to make lgbt a protected class nor give them rights according to the gov. Lgbt is based on sexual fetishes not gender or race. But since it has already happened this is a mute point.

“35.Do you know who Tyler Clementi, Leelah Alcorn, and Blake Brockington are, and did your church offer any kind of prayer for them when their deaths made national news?”

“36.Do you know that LGBT youth whose families reject them are 8.4 times more likely to attempt suicide than LGBT youth whose families support them?”

“37.Have you vocally objected when church leaders and other Christians have compared same-sex relationships to things like bestiality, incest, and pedophilia?”

“38.How certain are you that God’s will for all gay Christians is lifelong celibacy?”

“39.What do you think the result would be if we told all straight teenagers in the church that if they ever dated someone they liked, held someone’s hand, kissed someone, or got married, they would be rebelling against God?”

“40.Are you willing to be in fellowship with Christians who disagree with you on this topic?”

  1. I have read the news stories and their decisions to kill themselves were based on their own arrogance because they hated themselves for their own bad activities. Due to the tragedies the lgbt con-munity used their names to promote their illogical agendas. I donot know of any prayer services for either of them or the other lgbt-ers who die or kill themselves.



  1. Where is your data to back up your statement? Lgbt suicide is from a combination of factors and is not always related to a family ,church etc.


  1. No.


  1. Gods will is between God and that individual being lgbt has no real benefit to a Christian.


  1. No.


  1. No.


Here are my points about answering these types of questions.

1 I am aware of the use of media / entertainment propaganda and personal / physical influence.

Progay articles, posts and so forth are easily found on ‘progressive’ websites, blogs, and other forms of media as propaganda who defend lgbt philosophy and use leftist eisegesis to retranslate Biblical doctrines.

Personal influence are those individuals who identify as lgbt or with the lgbt-ers as their allies who are continually pushing their ‘perspectives’, ‘agendas’, ‘narratives’ within work environments / work places, businesses, schools, churches etc. To permanently change not only society but American culture to be ‘gay friendly’.

In doing so they make enemies of Political Conservatives and Conservative Religions.


2 My personal belief about gay rights / marriage is as follows.

A) Such philosophy has to provide evidence that it is beneficial for the lgbt community.

B) Lgbt philosophy is unnecessary and unwanted syncretism that they continually try to mix with the Christian Faith. Neither Jesus or the Disciples accepted sexual fornication as a ‘lifestyle’ or activity.

C) IF gay rights / marriage must be implemented it should SOLELY secular and those of us who reject such ideas should be left in peace.

D) The purpose of marriage is monogamy. IF gay marriage can live up to such standards great. But if it is meant to change or destroy marriage then what is the political standpoint?

Marriage was never meant to be tossed away or destroyed it was meant for a Man & Woman to be joined together for the rest of their lives.


At least one brave gay soul admitted that gay marriage was created to change marriage forever.

“Did Christians Get Gay Marriage Right?”


“By Jay Michaelson “

“3 hours ago, The Daily Beast”–politics.html


To conclude this post.

I am not the only Christian skeptical of these types of questions.

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The most enduring answer as responses to progay Christian allies and the lgbt-ers is Jesus didn’t support pagan fornicators. Why expect his modern followers to do so now.

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