Why the ‘occupy’ protests aren’t working

Oct / Nov 2011

Yes I am skeptic of American politics, American political movements and parties  and religions.

Why are these protests not working?

1 They are targeting business and business people who are trying to get to work. These protestors are ‘occupying’ bridges, roadways. In doing these illegal and unwanted occupations they screw over people who are trying to make a living.

2 The list of demands or ideology is not only unhealthy for society but is impossible to achieve because the lack of funds.

3 The ‘leaders’ of the ‘occupy movement’ will be unable to cope with the needs, demands of the Entirety of the USA and its many ethnic groups, religions, races and more should their political group get voted into office.

4 There is no specific political statement for this ‘movement’ it is little more than anarchist philosophy and nothing workable for the good of “We the people”!

I am sure there are many other reasons for the ‘occupy’ wackos are failing to get their limited and uncertain message across. The more I hear about the ‘occupy’ nutters statements, their activities the less I am willing to listen to them and their weirdness.

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