A Christian response to the SDA booklet “Ten commandments twice removed”

Dedicated to the Memory of Mrs. ‘CG’ who went to be with Jesus in July of 2013. In the property her family got rid of included this book of which I have read and have decided to write a refutation to.


One of the many oddities of SDA Doctrines is their constant need to establish that fellow Christians absolutely need to keep the Ten Commandments not because their Biblical proofs are correct but because of their faith in EG Whites writings.

In this book the authors Danny Shelton and Shelly Quinn give their specific ‘proofs’ of the how’s and why’s they believe fellow Christians should practice and act as they do. The information in this book is mere sda propaganda and in the almost 10 chapters of it the arguments of both authors to keep the Ten Commandments including the use of Saturday Sabbath as the sole day of worship.

Instead of Biblical arguments for keeping the Ten Commandments and Sabbath I found the following.

1 Theonomy

2 EG Whites philosophy & writings

Neither are Biblical arguments for what either author attempts to prove with the points they created in the book. Since it would take alot of time to write up a chapter by chapter refutation to this booklet I find it alot easier to make the following points.

Point 1: The 10 Commandments were for Israel. Exodus 20:1-17. The Law of Moses includes 613 Commandments and is a Theocratic Law of which all the people who followed Moses were to keep. That Theocratic law is found in Exodus 20:1-26 to Leviticus 27:1-34. It is not part of Christianity.

Point 2: SDA doctrine teaches a Un-Biblical view of the 10 Commandments and Sabbath as a form of salvation. I can prove this accusation with the following: In book “The Great Controversy” written by Ellen G White her ideas about her followers being imprisoned and killed because of their beliefs in Theonomy. The chapters of her book that discuss such things are: 36,38,39,40. Those who will supposedly do such evil deeds will be catholics and others who push for a fictional ‘Sunday law’. After 150 years or so since she wrote those various books… nothing she has said even matches a international fight against her followers.

Point 3: Despite many arguments and philosophy from SDA followers the Christian Bible counters such propaganda involving the 10 Commandments and other issues about the Law of Moses.

I include the following Scriptures as proof that their ideas are wrong.

Matthew 22:34-40 Jesus knew what was the greatest portions of the Law of Moses…

Acts 15:1-31 The Disciples counter the Theonomy of Judaizers, Gentiles donot keep the Law of Moses…

Romans 14:5-6 Believers choose a day dedicated to God…

Galatians 2:15-21

Galatians 3:1-29


Point 4: The only ‘agenda’ to remove Ten Commandment monuments are by organized atheist groups and assorted wackos that think that their secular ‘morality’ is better than religious faith. Fellow Christians are not interested in jailing or murdering sda Christians for the sake of their Theonomy philosophy.


Meanwhile I am not alone in my skepticism of the claims of these authors.

The following examples of book reviews are  why people donot agree with their doctrinal views.


“Reviews on: ‘Ten Commandments Twice Removed'”




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“‘Ten Commandments Twice Removed'”



In this section… are those in the SDA church who noticed specific incidents of hiding assets by Mr. Shelton. Doesn’t these type of actions make a person like shelton a Law breaker? After all your not supposed to steal… Right?

“Did Remnant’s Dwight Hall Conspire with Danny Shelton to Hide Hundreds of Thousands in Royalties from the 3ABN Board?”

“Remnant Reports Payments; 3ABN and Danny Shelton Do Not”





Meanwhile their book is not so much Biblical truth but adventist philosophy something that I donot trust nor put my faith in.

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