“How would i answer the question to how is antinomianism relevant to the church today?”

How would i answer the question to how is antinomianism relevant to the church today


A recent visitor to my blog typed into my search engine.

“+how would i answer the question to how is antinomianism relevant to the church today”

Here is my response.

True antinomianism can be defined thusly.

” Antinomianism in Christian theology is a pejorative term for a heresy that teaches that Christians are under no obligation to obey the laws of ethics or morality. Antinomianism is the polar opposite of legalism, the notion that obedience to a code of religious law is necessary for salvation. It comes from the Greek word nomos, which means law…”


(On a personal note I donot practice ‘antinomianism’ or other heresies like it. At the same time I donot base my morality off of the Ten Commandments. Instead I base my morality on the teachings of Jesus and the Disciples along with following the Laws of the USA or other countries I visit.)

I believe that the modern Christian church practices a similar philosophy like myself. We live our lives trying to follow Jesus teaching & keep the Laws human Government use to regulate our daily lives..

But what of antinomianism…?


When I consider modern attitudes in American society that are against legal Laws, Against Morality. As an American… the society I live under IS antinomian in nature but not because of modern Christianity… it is because of ideologies like political liberalism, secular humanism & atheism.

Because the Christian church is not part of a Theocratic political system but a system that defies anarchy, immorality & other ‘leftist’ ideas we as a group of people should be promoting not a mere ‘wholesome image’ but an actual lifestyle that should change America for the better.

Sadly we are far from that…

Liberal churches that spew illogical and unbiblical teachings

Promoting ‘gay marriage’

Promoting gay lifestyles that only end in that individuals death

Promoting illegal activities in order to tax them

Promoting Anti christian groups or ideologies that are contrary to Americas founding

And more…

Instead we as American Christians hide & donot face the threats that push us out of the fight. We hide at home or in our churches instead of facing the growing threats around us.

The ideal of Morality is what we as Christians should produce & fight for instead of letting our churches & country literally go to hell.

It is not the (American) Christian church that is antinomian… But it is the government and society that is antinomian. After all if Laws and morality are not followed by non Christians it is up to the Christian church to follow what is Lawful and Moral in a time of immorality and illegality…

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