No I wasn’t surprised when left leaning teachers quit kings schools

Started: 1 7 2020

Finished: 7 6 2020


Full disclosure. I once worked for Crista & as a employee I got to clean up the mess left behind by the staff & students of all 3 schools. And yes I’ve seen the inside of the buildings and the ideology of Crista.


I wasn’t really surprised by these articles in the local paper.


“Teachers quit in protest over what they consider anti-gay policy at Christian school in Shoreline”

“Sep. 9, 2019 at 5:00 am Updated Sep. 12, 2019 at 5:39 pm”

“By Neal Morton Seattle Times staff reporter”



“What can religious schools like King’s High School demand of staff?”

“Dave Ross”

“By MyNorthwest Staff”

“September 12, 2019 at 2:53 pm”


What can religious schools like King’s High School demand of staff?


“King’s Schools have right to ask teachers to abide by biblical doctrine”

“By Dori Monson”

“September 10, 2019 at 7:34 am”


Dori: King’s Schools have right to ask teachers to abide by biblical doctrine



Now why would I bother to write or type a response to this after one or more years.


As a ‘janitor’ I not only got to see how wealthy people got their kids into a private school that mixed leftist ideology right into conservative / right leaning ideology / republican idealism. I snickered at the wonderful weirdness of it all, the ‘kids’ (teens) claiming to be lgbt and Christian fit right in with others of all races and ethnic standing that held similar ideas. And then of course who were students that were at best classical liberal along with others who were Seattle – progressives.


And despite all these differences you had a tight nit community of people who shared similar idealism compared to anti-nomian progressives that lived outside of the property.


You had people flying lgbt flags outside of their balcony as residents of the senior apartments onsite and those within the school system as teens who enjoyed the very same ideological freedom to be gay, straight or whatever. No employee had anything bad to say about this odd mix of worldliness and Christianity.


And then… Once I left. A change in leadership.


I never got to meet the gal who took over once Bob stepped down from his duties but I would like to think she is doing her best. Tonight I checked the website for Kings schools and many of the familiar faces I once saw there are gone.


No I wasn’t surprised that those who were left leaning went ahead and left Crista & Kings schools.


Here  is why I wasn’t surprised:


Jesus would never have supported:


L*g*b*t* ideas


Blm Racism

Socialism / marxism

anti-social ideologies

Hatred of right leaning political leaders


Fighting against authority


And yet the philosophy of some of those teachers influenced those teens.


And IF you have a leader of a ministry that doesn’t not agree with progressive ideas and ideology. Then real change becomes possible.


I took note on what the teachers said about Trump and what they taught their students. Such as ‘social justice’ with its lgbt malarkey, its ‘unpacking white privilege’ and so forth. The use of socialist authors in the social justice class.


When you call yourself a Christian and yet promote left leaning ideas. When you call yourself a Christian and yet promote ideas, philosophy and ideologies that are progressive you are in reality not a Christian at all but just a under paid resource of democrat / progressive ideologies that have nothing to do with God or Jesus it is simply mans cruddy ideas.


Having moral policies and rules are good. It might be problematic but aren’t you as a teacher trying to instill ideas of morality and right leaning political subjects in those teens?


A company like Crista can have it’s own rules and policies and not be against the progressive laws that infect the USA. Crista will stand or fall not by the whims of the leftist elitists but those who continue to want to teach their kids about Christianity, Jesus and right leaning ideas & politics.

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