My open letter to weapon control advocates

My open letter to weapon control advocates

Started: 5-31-2014

Finished: 5-14-2019



I first started this letter in 2014 and never quite got it finished. Now it’s 2019 and I think it’s time to get this posted.



Dear gun control lefties,


Despite all the protests and complaining The problem is not knives or guns.


It is the mentality and intent of the user / shooter (criminal).


Let’s be honest. You don’t want less crime or less school shootings. You want control and power and if the criminals / school shooters or mass shooters help you with your unspoken agendas so be it. Right?


For those of us who collect knives as an example, our intent is not violence and bloodshed but because we have specific purposes for that tool.


The same goes with buying and using pistols and rifles. Those who are NRA members, Former Military veterans and those who enjoy shooting as a hobby don’t buy firearms for criminal purposes. It’s because they enjoy the rush of shooting such weapons.


Why do Conservatives enjoy being armed? It is because you the democratic party / progressives / liberals/ socialists have caused a lot of fear and concern within Conservative ranks. And because you keep up with the verbal and in some cases physical violence against those of us who are republican, conservative etc. YOU AREN’T TRUST WORTHY!


No. We aren’t going to listen to you or disarm.


You want to prove us wrong?


Use your antifa movements or gangs to disarm the criminals and gangs who you allow to run the streets of American towns and cities. (IF YOU DARE!)


Use your political influence to keep drugs illegal and punish those who get high. With jail time and rehab.


Punish Criminals according to our laws that exist instead of allowing them to run free.


Grab the criminal homeless drug addicts off the streets and get them into rehab centers where they can be healed.


Grab the mentally ill homeless off the streets and get them care.


Make laws that monitor and snatch the multitudes of crazy wannabe school and public shooters out of society and take away their guns and rights until they can be healed, fixed or silenced.


Outlaw socialism. It won’t work. It’s only brought death, poverty and fascists outside of the USA!


Always remember that there are MORE Conservatives in the public square that are more than happy to remove by voting all democratic / socialist politicians’ that you retardedly think are running any State governments correctly. As Conservatives regardless of our religious beliefs if you endanger our way of life expect to loose your political places and we will find ways to reduce your power in the local, state and federal governments.



You want change? Work with EVERYONE who wants less taxes, less crime, less problem homeless and then we shall see what happens.



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