Muslims contribute to islamaphobia

According to this moslem author.



…“Muslims themselves contribute to islamophobia but this is not due to spite for Islam but rather to their own ignorance of Islam but this is not the topic of this paper.


“This author has written an article on this topic that is unpublished but privately circulated. The solution to the problem of anti-Islam forces is the education of Muslims and American masses about Islam and Muslims and thus pulling the rug from under the feet of the anti-Islam forces, that is, denying them an audience who would believe them. The Muslim mission is like a bicycle that has two wheels. A monocycle is incapable of going very far or fast enough. One wheel of the bicycle is the education and reform of the Muslims and the other wheel is outreach to the non-Muslims, both tasks must be done simultaneously. The policy of the Tablighi Jamaat, which consists of going on a monocycle, has no evidence in the Qur’an or the Sunnah. They will be able to contribute many sheep to the herd but will not contribute to bringing out leaders who will lead the Muslim Ummah, restore dignity to Islam and Muslims, and establish the rule of Allah in this earthly life.”…

As we have seen with this previous paragraph from this moslem author. IF there are many things wrong within islam as a system that contribute to ‘islamaphobia’ because of:

Muslima physical, sexual abuse

Problems with sharia laws against raped muslimas by beating them, giving them jail time or killing them.

Sharia laws against Christians and Jews

Theological problems about ‘allah’

Theological problems because of the use of Jesus, Moses, and many other characters in the Christian Bible and Torah.

The use of Jihad to spread islam

And that’s just a few of islams internal problems.

Many moslems and their leftist allies will criticize me by saying something like…

“Your just generalizing islams problems”.

That might be true but with no one in islam trying to fix what Muhammad started what they stuck with. A mess!

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