American Policing agencies should spy on muslims

My response to this article.

“Stop Spying on Muslims, Why the NYPD Needs Oversight”

“By Rachel Kahn-Troster and Marjorie Dove Kent”

“Published October 09, 2012, issue of October 12, 2012.”

The title of this post does indeed sound quite harsh but with good reason. Islam is not merely a ‘ethnic group’ or a ‘religion’ but a corrupt theocratic system that has destroyed every country it gained political footholds in. Even Jewish Israel was once a islamic country that Jews had to survive in. But of course liberals whether they ARE JEWISH or not forget history and islams bloody addition to those pages.

Now… Why should the NYPD stop investigating islam / moslems?

“Jews have a historic vulnerability to abuses of power, and we feel especially responsible to ensure civil liberty protections for all New Yorkers. We know that the Jewish communities of New York City, like all communities, want to be assured that we are being kept safe against those who would do us harm. Keeping us safe, however, means that law enforcement should target suspects based on actionable evidence, not on those suspects’ religion, place of birth, race or ethnicity.”

And there you have it. The two authors are afraid of some type of backlash against Jews. But what sort of backlash? Have religious or liberal Jews gone to support the current madness the jihadis plot?

I have yet to hear of religious or liberal Jews actually helping moslems to install their theocratic religion in the USA or Israel and yet according to these two authors it is somehow wrong for our own Government to investigate mosques or moslems to make sure that they avoid the mujahedeen call to jihad.

It seems to me that these to liberal women are totally ignorant of islams doctrine, theology and history. And that seems to be the typical flaw that liberal Jews have to defend various moslems or moslem groups without knowing what is behind their beliefs and political ideologies.

No it is not unethical or wrong to investigate moslems or moslem organizations. In fact such ‘witch hunts’ have been one of the reasons we have not had a repeat of 9-11 in New York City or elsewhere in the USA.

Yes we can agree it is offensive to target moslems and to monitor what they do and say. But in the light of recent attacks in Libya and the arrests of those moslem who want to harm non muslims it is a unfortunately necessity to purge those who wish to harm any Americans because we donot view their god as ours or adhere to their prophet muhammad.

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