Analyzing my Islamaphobia

(originally Started in 2012)


As I take a look back at my life. I realize how gullible I once was about religion in general. In the early years of my life I only knew God as a story. A morality tale taught to me by my Mother.

As I got older and grew into a teenager and rebelled against my family I shunned all religion and listened to the teachers in school with their philosophies and liberal idealism.

Out of those rebellious years and utter ignorance of God I learned many lessons about my Creator and how he was different from all the concepts people use to understand a Deity.

Which brings me to islam.

Why am I afraid of a ‘religion’? Well… Allow me to go back in time to 2005 and the very first time I got to use high speed internet connections and found youtube. It was moslem videos on youtube and ‘flag wars’ that educated me on islam and what moslems believed, said and did online.

From 2005 to present (2012) I soon learned the dirty secrets about islam. It is not a mere ‘religion’ as moslems mistakenly claim. But a Theocratic system that wiped out many pagans in the middle east, Christians, Jews and many others over 1400 years or so.

So where does this fear come from you might ask?

Well lets start with the basics about islam before I discuss my specific fears..

1 Islams god is allah. Allah in islam is un-knowable, uncaring of its creation. Allah was SUPPOSED to be the same God as Jews or Christians but decided to reject both groups and stick with paganized Arabs as mentioned in the quran.

2 Muhammad the orator of the quran. Used a lot of religious syncretism or ‘borrowing’ from Christianity, Judaism and other religions that his tribe would recognize during their lifetimes. The idea about God as being singular comes from Judaism. Morality, sins, angels, demons, curses, Heaven, Hell, come from both Judaism and Christianity. Other subjects like jinn come from Arabian paganism, etc.

3 The quran itself is a collection of muhammads ‘dictations’ where he plagiarized stories and characters from both the Jewish Torah and Christian Bible changing those stories to fit his new religion. As a Arab while alive he spoke in poetic phrases in order to appear as it was a spirit or god uttering such paragraphs.

The total collection of muhammads so called utterances is 114 ‘surahs’ or more specifically chapters covering various subjects, stories and plagiarized Characters from the Jewish & Christians religions.

As a Christian I have read the quran many times. It is boring, a poorly constructed ‘holy’ book that is little more than a mans plagiarized attempt at remaking religions that already existed during his life time.

So why do I consider myself a ‘islamaphobe’?

Here are my reasons for being afraid of the Islamic system:

1 Islam is not merely a religion. It is a theocratic system that is syncretistic in nature. Its sharia laws are a combination of Jewish Laws and pagan Arabian laws probably dating back before muhammads birth.

As a theocratic system it is supposed to be ‘prefect’ according to moslem propagandists. But many problems remain particularly under subjects such as.

Woman’s rights

Religious and human rights for non muslim religions, Including wealth, property rights, the right to marry a muslima without being attacked…

The rights to disbelieve and remain skeptical of islam and its followers claims or actions

The rights of: Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, Freedom of press, Freedom of expression etc.

2 Islam as a theocratic system would eventually wipe out all other non muslim religions or philosophies. While according to sharia Christians and Jews are ‘protected’ under sharia. They are taxed a ‘jizya’ tax. All other religions on this planet would be gathered together and exterminated or forced to convert to islam.

3 Islam as a Theocratic system would wipe out American FREEDOM as we know it such as…

Freedom of religion

Freedom from religion

Freedom of speech

Freedom of press

Freedom to gather and assemble

Freedom of expression

NO Race rights

NO worker rights

NO Gay rights

NO Women’s rights

NO illicit drugs or Alcohol

NO Porn

4 Islam would not promote American, Canadian or other cultures, celebrations and traditions it would only celebrate ‘Arab’ culture. Everything else that is not ‘Arab’ or islamic would be considered ‘haram’ by moslem leaders.

5 Everything I know about islam doesn’t entirely come from ‘islamaphobes’ but what moslems say, write and their actions against non muslims. Places I learned about islam and its ‘holy war’ against non muslims started with youtube and lead me to read what they write online in blogs & their websites. Moslem terrorist actions and other criminal actions against non muslims only added to my distain, distrust and ultimately my utter obsessive study to disprove islam as nothing more than another evil cult.

According to the ‘liberals’ I am nothing more than a useless idiot, a hatemonger and racist, a xenophobe and more negative connotations. And by saying such things about me and others like me they avoid their own utter ignorance on what islam the theocratic system would do to their miserable lives.

Yes I am a ‘islamaphobe’. And I wear my enemies words as a badge of honor because I am self educated about islam and its allegiances’ with evil. And I happily tell those closest to me what to expect under a sharia government.

I am not merely a intolerant nut job but a person that woke up and saw the reality of what moslems have done, are doing to the West. Now is the time for you all to wake up and watch what moslems say & do for the sake of their system. And once you realize that they are doing things that try to take away your FREEDOM it will be time to remove them and send them back to mecca.

Because it is better to send them ‘home’ than to needlessly kill them. Let moslems live under Freedomless sharia in Saudi and leave the rest of us alone to live our lives under true Freedom and peace instead of their flawed system.

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