Not all gays want gay marriage

Not all gays want gay marriage

Oct 2011

I decided to run a brief experiment on yahoo today. So I typed up “gays against gay marriage” and found the following blogs. Supposedly written by gays and their opinions about gay marriage.

Heres a few examples online:

Gays Against Gay Marriage

Gays against Same Sex Marriage

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Why does this matter?

Because if gay men and lesbian women start doubting the propaganda written up by their own leadership. Then there is no doubt we can beat them at their own game.

I do recognize that these two individuals donot speak for the entire American gay community. And yet as more gays start to wake up and realize that marriage requires a deep commitment, deep morality and a willingness to stay together without during the good and bad times. Then they will have 2 choices.

1 Stay un-married and practice their chosen sexual fetishes with those individuals who enjoy those attractions

2 Be prepared for the possibility of divorces and other legal problems associated with marrying various lovers over the course of their lives. These problems would include shared parenting of any biological or adopted children, shared pets, shared properties or other subjects.

Is gay marriage coming?

(No puns intended)

As I watch American society dip deeper into questionable morality, questionable ethics I have no doubt that those in the general public who are unaware or uneducated about the gay agenda will be willing to allow for gay marriage to affect their towns, cities, churches and more.


What Christians should do:

1 Pray to our Almighty God to give us better answers and the physical and spiritual strength to counter this religious-political-moral onslaught.

2 Research gay propaganda and find those weak spots within those materials and counter their claims.

3 Be prepared to answer those progay groups who use Christianity as a device to propagate their unnecessary lifestyles.

4 Use similar political activities to lessen the influence of leftist progay groups to lessen their political hold within theUSA.

5 Teach our children, our communities that the gay lifestyle and similar fetish-ist lifestyles are not part of Gods design nor are they healthy.

6 Counter those progay propagandists that their lifestyles are not a neo-ethnic group, nor a neo-race, nor are their lifestyles worthy of rights or marriage.


I have no doubt I will make pro-homosexual activists angry with my post. And yet my question for them is…

IF society is not being helped by their quest for ‘rights’ then why push for something that has destructive potential?

After all there is no evidence nor data in America that their lifestyle choices are beneficial or healthy. So why should we allow them to change more of our laws nor for the benefit of everyone but for their own selfish benefits alone!

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