Why do Conservatives want Trump in the White house?

Start: 12 14 2019

Finished: 12 24 2019


As a Facebook user I’ve watched supposed Christians & Conservatives spare over Donald Trumps ‘impeachment’. One side thinks it is horrible and the other side thinks that it is lawful justice.


My own opinion is as follows.


The left wing media have wanted Trump gone and hilary or some other left leaning democrat to re-take the Presidency and for all intensive purposes and therefore pushing all of us ‘white supremacist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, racist, hatemongering’ Conservatives to crawl back into our slimy pits because we are basically crap to the elitist, socialist, commie left wing, lgbt loving, progressive nutjobs who trashed this country due to clintons and obamas.


But hey… we’re the problem… right?


Here is why Conservatives, Christians and many others want Trump.


Our Freedoms are protected. Whether it is Christian / Jewish religious faith. Freedom to speak, Freedom to own and fire guns. Our Freedoms are preserved at least for now.


We have a Strong Leader. Where the dnc and progressives are viewed as lawless, spineless, weaklings


He is friendly towards Israel and the Jewish people


He pisses off the left leaning media, progressives and all those who want to destroy our way of life.


He has built up the American economy, jobs and finances where the democrats and political lefties tore it down and will continue to tear it down made things worse for those of us Blue collar workers with higher taxes, forced medical insurance payments etc.


He is against the frauds of climate change


He isn’t necessarily friendly to lgbt propaganda


He recognizes that socialist and moslem politicians are not friends of either America or Israel.


He recognizes that unchecked illegal immigration is not helping Americans of all races and is one of the many problems of criminal drug cartels, gang violence and much more.


While his past is problematic, his words are problematic we need to remember the following. He was CHOSEN by the Republican party. He has a NYC attitude, temperament where he speaks his mind. He is claimed to have a love of Country & supports blue collar workers, Conservative ideals and many other subjects that your typical American should care about. And so far he is living up to those expectations.


For those who are at the supposed “Christianity today’ who claim “Christianity Today is theologically conservative. We are pro-life and pro-family. We are firm supporters of religious liberties and economic opportunity for men and women to exercise their gifts and create value in the world. We believe in the authority of Scripture.”




Why is it your old news stories do have a left leaning slant and how can you justify left leaning / democratic policies that hurt people like me and are the main cause of American woes?



Such as:


“Why Legalizing Gay Marriage May Be Good for the Church, How the church can thrive by focusing on the battles that really matter.”

“Chad Hall”


When it is Jesus who would not justify sin of either: greed, abortion, gay rights / marriage, criminality, illegal immigration and the multitude of other subjects that the democrats & their left leaning allies support. The very people you support who donot even believe in God or the 10 commandments that are easily broken due to human sins.


No. You can choose to no longer support Trump or Conservatism and you certainly can justify such ideas in order to side with the ideological enemy who will eventually destroy this Great Nation. You can choose to join those of us who want to keep America going for as long as possible or you can just be negligent and stay middle of the road.


Put those choices are for you to and your readers alone to make.


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