A Christian response to ghosthunting

As more tv shows,Hollywood  movies and dvd releases expose supposed supernatural activity and paranormal experiences of individuals or groups. We Christians must be willing to give various answers to those whom ask from the varied ghost hunter groups and those who have paranormal experiences seeking answers.

The following is a list of occult beliefs and practices I have noticed used on multiple ghost-hunter tv shows since 2000.

Automatic writing

Clairaudience (Ability to hear voices)

Ouija boards






spirit guide


(REFERENCE: The kingdom of the occult, By Walter Martin, Jill Martin Rishe, Kurt Van Gorden, Pages; 195-198)

Typically ‘ghosts or spirits’ manifest on tv shows and digital photographs as orbs or other forms. Other types of unexplained phenomenon are audible footsteps, talking, singing, screaming, laughing, crying, rapping, scratching, banging-knocking. Then there are other physical of supposed experiences like: cold spots, scratches on investigators, opening or closing of doors etc.

In the last ten years there have been plenty of quasi scientific TV programs using methods such as: EMF detectors that register electro-magnetic forces, Laser devices to measure a entity breaking their light beams with movement or mass, digital recorders that capture supposed entity voices (EVP) and other noises, The use of digital cameras to record a ‘spirits’ appearance etc.

In recent years some so-called haunted locations are asking for payment or donations from individuals and groups of ghost-hunters to maintain their property for various reasons. At the same time those who charge for ‘tours’ are making their property as a attraction using the ‘ghosts’ or entities as employees.

How should Christians reply to ghost hunter claims?

We first should be aware of typical ghost hunter beliefs and be prepared to give a decent answer from our Bibles.

Heres a few of my suggestions:

1 People who die are not left to wander around this world nor haunt a location they died at.

Suggested verses Old Testament / Torah:

Ecclesiastes 9:5-6

Ecclesiastes 9:10

This of course means that those spirits / ghosts ghost-hunters are contacting, photographing, videoing are not human souls but demonic pretenders.

2 Communication with the supposed dead or spirits via paranormal sciences, spiritism, (‘dead-time’) EVP, ouija or other occult practices means they are in reality contacting demonic entities.

Scripture References:

1 John 4:1-6

2 John 1:7

3 Our Lord Jesus never taught his followers about the dead retuning as ghosts, or communicating with the supposed ghosts of the dead. To him ghosts didn’t exist. The only spirits he had to deal with and remove were demonic entities and spirits that made people ill.

Otherwise Jesus would have taught us how to deal with supposed ghosts.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

4 How Christians can fight a haunting:

In Christianity we have many teaching about spiritual warfare. Particularly in fighting demons and those spirits who claim to be ghosts.

Bible Reference:

Romans 13:12

2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Ephesians 6:10-18

When hauntings / spirit attacks happen to Christians or our non Christian neighbors. We Christians must do the following.

1 Pray

2 Fast

3 Praise

We start our battle through Prayer and Praise. Prayer through Jesus name to strip demonic powers, remove demonic entities, and send them away. We Praise our LORD Jesus through music, and the Holy Spirit to call upon our Creator to guide his angels to fight those entities that are scaring and frightening ourselves and families.

My own favorite Spiritual warfare teachings can be found here.




Hindering Spirits

Putting on your God Gear

Purging Your House – Pruning your Family Tree


And through these teachings of Perry Stone I learned to fight demonic powers, remove fear, remove demonic spirits etc.

We as Christians must weight the claims and evidence of ghosthunters, ghost stories and our own doctrines, theology or ideas to find the truth about ghosts.

Our faith should never be in occultic ideas and claims but in Jesus who is our Lord and the source of all our Spiritual power.

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