The REAL REASON the lds church doesn’t want gay marriage in Utah


Jan 2014

There’s been a number of news stories about the gov of Utah and more specifically why the LDS doesn’t want gay marriage on their ‘home turf’.

Despite the news stories lets view the REAL REASON why the lds / gov of Utah don’t want legal gay marriages there.

The REAL reason that the lds ‘church’ has such a dislike for the gay lifestyle / rights/ marriage is not solely based off of Christianity or their perceptions of what ‘churchianity’ should be. It is the following doctrine.

Links on the lds god / goddess and lds marriage.




“There are forces that work beyond our sight. Sometimes we think the whole job is up to us, forgetful that there are loved ones beyond our sight who are thinking about us and our children. We forget that we have a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother who are even more concerned, probably, than our earthly father and mother, and that influences from beyond are constantly working to try to help us when we do all we can.”


“The Other Half of Heaven: Debunking Myths about Heavenly Mother”

“By Warren Aston Thursday, November 29 2012 “


“Heavenly Mother”


“To Mormons, Heavenly Mother is the ultimate, but unknown”

“Peggy Fletcher Stack May 11 2013 – 3:45pm”


“Nature of God”

(lds quotes)


“The Latter-day Saint Concept of Marriage “

“June 2011”


“Celestial Marriage “

“Nov. 2008”


“Strengthening the Family: The Family Is Central to the Creator’s Plan “

“Dec. 2004”


“The Divine Institution of Marriage”


Now… What is my point of all this?

The teaching of marriage in mormon / lds doctrine is easily found online. Along with their teachings about their god & mother goddess combo as well as ‘celestial marriage’. Sodomy and lesbianism is not included in their cultic doctrines.

As we can read according to their odd theology in order to become ‘gods & goddesses’ a man & woman following lds doctrine have to get married within that ideology. Gay marriage of course becomes a issue because a man + man or woman + woman challenges their doctrine.

After all how can a lds gay guy procreate with another lds gay guy and make ‘spirit babies’? You can’t… so in the lds doctrine they couldn’t become ‘gods’. The same with lds lesbians they can’t become goddesses and make spirit babies.

Ultimately… what happens is this… if lds doctrine are wrong about eternal marriage and the whole oddity of becoming gods & goddess and are not ‘inclusive’ enough to the loons of liberal society that lds doctrine is eventually lost or changed and it simply shows the world that the lds ‘church’ is a idiotic cult like so many other false religions.

Now what about REAL Christianity?

As Christians we should always support and protect man & woman marriage. WHY?

1 In the history of the world there is NO KNOWN evidence that sodomy & lesbianism can build anything in society. Where are the grand histories of gay men or lesbian women doing anything that benefited civilization? Where are the grand histories of gay or lesbians building a working ‘family’ that could raise moral and respectable children?

So far nothing…

2 The history of civilization has always included men and women as the sources of family. In order to create societies, towns, villages it took men and women to become parents. Without children civilization dies. So far there is no known gay civilization that has survived to become a success.

3 The THEORY of gay marriage has only been recently written and so far it has not done anything of value.

It has created its own form of liberal bigotry against those of us who reject their claims

It has created no known benefits for child raising or family

It has created nothing worthy of being beneficial to society. In fact it seems that the elitists within the gay or lesbian hierarchy have only demanded more than actually do something to benefit civilization or society.

Despite the hard work of both the lds hierarchy and the gov of Utah gay marriage has been forced upon the people of Utah.’


” Gay rights group asks for federal recognition of Utah same-sex marriages”

“Reuters “

“By Jennifer Dobner “

“January 10, 2014 1:53 AM”–finance.html


“US recognizes Utah same sex marriages: What’s behind Holders unusual move?”


Despite my criticism of both the lds doctrines and the gay lifestyle. It is painfully obvious to me. Nothing beneficial will happen for Utah or the USA because of this foolishness.

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