Why the ads from www Stop30Billion Seattle org is not going to help the Palestinians

As much as ISM, Ed Mast and other leftist helpers to hamas will dislike my post I must speak.

The Palestinians are not as bad off as they want we Americans to think.

According to these websites… the Palestinian population and their Government are not guiltless of violence and criminality against both moslem and non moslem.

Palestinian Media Watch


Palwatch shows that the Palestnian Government is propmoting Anti semitism and hatred in thier own media.


Myths & Facts Online A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

By Mitchell G. Bard


Argues against the propaganda that is promoted by the moslem Theocrats and thier leftist allies.

It is my belief that all the bloodshed and violence is not merely the “Israelis” fault but the leadership behind the Palestinian or muslim population that live within Israel also shares  responsibility which is also criminal in pushing their followers to acts of suicide, homicide, rape, robbery and so forth.

To make up billboards and bus ads proclaiming that the Israeli Government, The US Government and others who support Israel are actively engaged in War Crimes seems to be a one sided argument.

These types of groups and individuals who support the ‘Palestinian / Arab / Moslem’ Theocracy actively ignore and hide the sins of Moslem culture, ideology and Moslems own “War crimes” caused by their own active terrorism against Jewish, Israeli and other targets in the Middle East.

No I cannot justify ANY criminal act by a Israeli citizen or soldier in the name of War. Neither can ANY Moslem or leftist defender justify jihad against non muslims.

I can almost here the accusations against my opinion already…

“You are a intolerant bigot!”

Yes I am ‘intolerant & bigoted’ against a system that has poisoned the Palestinian Moslem and others whom follow those ideologies. Examples of fatwas from Islamic websites about Jerusalem and “Palestine”:

Martyr Operations Carried Out by the Palestinians


Palestinian Women Carrying Out Martyr Operations


Palestinian Martyr Operations


Attacking Civilians in Martyr Operations


Palestine: Is It the Jews’ Promised Land?


The Jews and the Promised Land


Jews Have No Legitimate Claim to Al-Buraq Wall


Palestine: Its Significance for Muslims


Do I have more evidence of the foolishness of Islams Theocratic teaching and its brain washing the Palestinian people to submit themselves to blind faith and hatred? Yes I do but I will leave them un-posted right now.

No the Anti Israel campaign by the leftists will not work well. People like me have plenty of counter information on hand to counter their ‘information’ / propaganda.

Those in the left should be for warned my fellow skeptics of islam are already preparing their own bill boards and bus ads to counter the argument the Mr. Mast and others have prepared. After all why should we accept their arguments when they leave out all the information about those behind jihad in palestine and those leaders who want to erradicate Jews and other non muslims from Israel?

ADDITIONAL: 12-27-2010

I have been listening to the KIRO Radio News and I know that Ed Masts company is not being allowed to run thier ads on Metro Buses. I have no doubt that they will sue  to get thier message across. And we skeptics of islam will counter thier propaganda with bus and billboard ads and online as I have done already.

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