An example of Islamic hatred of the US Flag

I found this video example of how stupid muslims can be as a riotous group.

“American Flag Desecration”

Friday, 24 June 2005“

“This is the video clip of the desecration of the American Flag. In this video, we Muslims stepped on AND tore up the American flag in response to the desecration of the holy Qur’an. We also did it to prove that our loyalty does not belong to this flag. This flag represents a form of neo-idolatry where people live and die for this piece of cloth. This flag also represents oppression, not only in the Muslim world, but also other parts of the world which includes but not limited to South America, Vietnam, Japan & Africa. We would like to clarify that we DID NOT BURN THE FLAG as the rumors say. Rather, we stepped on it and ripped it. The video is evident of that. What we did was completely legal and protected by the American Constitutional Amendment.”

Notice their main gripe to do this deed:

“This flag also represents oppression, not only in the Muslim world, but also other parts of the world which includes but not limited to South America, Vietnam, Japan & Africa”

In their example they neglect to say WHY the USA as a whole ‘oppresses’ those in South America, Vietnam, Japan and Africa.

After all it is up to them to show examples of how the US Gov is solely responsible for creating the so called oppression they are demonstrating against.

Perhaps they forget…

It was America that helped form our modern world. After all WHO was it that created the technology to allow these freaks to film themselves ripping up the US flag?

How is it the US Gov that ‘oppresses’ South America? Surely they could give us examples of this sin. But they can’t.

Using their example of Vietnam. We went there to battle the Communists. And what did the muslims do? Nothing…

Their next example is Japan. WHO was it that attacked China, Russia, the Philippines and other areas? The Japanese military of course. And they went thru robbing, raping and murdering many peoples. Was it the muslims who stopped them? No it was our American soldiers, US Airforce, Sailors & Marines.

Their last example is Africa. WHO was it that went into Africa first? The British and other European nations. Before Europe who was oppressing the Africans? The moslems of course. Meanwhile it was the British who built trains and the use of other technology to Africa. Again they give us no examples of how the US Gov ‘oppressed’ the Africans?

It should be noted that many peoples robbed Africa of its people and material wealth. To try to point out that ONLY America, The Danish, English or others solely harmed that country is a foolish gesture.

If the muslim author of the video is trying to assume that slavery was started by the white European they would be way off base. Slavery was started by the many peoples of Africa long before the birth of the USA and perhaps even Europe.

The US Gov and the peoples of the United States are not the true oppressors of muslims. Unless they mean by claiming our Military isn’t allowing them to take over the world by jihad.

When muslims make the mistake of making videos like this even protected by the laws of the USA or Europe. It only produces anger and resentment against islam as a whole by non muslims.

If the ‘islamic thinkers society’ wanted to demonstrate their stupidity and intolerance against non muslims. Congratulations, your organization has simply given more non muslims more ammo to go against islam and the mujahedeen!!

Its little wonder why non muslims produce their own videos showing their distain for the quran and islam.

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