My response to “Jesus Abolished the Purity Laws including the ones about sex”

Started: 10-21-2017

Finished: 2-18-2018


According to this writer:


“Jesus Abolished the Purity Laws, including the ones about sex”

“Aug 2017”


“As Jesus almost said, ‘You can’t heal without breaking a few laws.’ Laws and rigidity create a need for healing, a need which cannot be met by law, dogma or tradition. It requires radical unconstrained action, inclusivity at its best. Jesus was so consistent and committed to doing this that his approach was almost programmatic. Taboos that he challenged, i.e. destroyed were:”


“associating with women”

“ritual uncleanness, including blood and menstruation”

“touching the dead”

“eating regulations”

“religious privilege”

“associating with Gentiles”


“The only taboo that he did not go against was that to do with sexual relations and activity. Surely he just didn’t have time to get round to it, or the Gospel writers were too reluctant to write about it. But it does mean that we cannot use any of the purity, exclusionary ‘clobber’ verses from the Torah to condemn those who are LGBT, or call them, in the language of fear and hate, an ‘abomination’. Nor is there room to apply any of Paul’s words to them either. He may not have known what Jesus said on taboo topics or been in tune with him if he had. Following Jesus’ example really can make space for everyone. Adopting his values a long time ago would have saved many lives. Sadly, rules-based Christianity did not seem to bothered about saving lives in the past and modern Christianity, in some of its traditions, has the same problem.”


Really? Ok…


And these statements come from a ‘progressive’ ‘muslim ally’ but I digress…



Why didn’t Jesus and the Disciples discuss sodomy & lesbianism?




Felatio, anal sex was deemed perversions along with lesbianism due to the pagan worship associated the Greeks and Romans of their time. These fetishes were not only public but used in pagan temple worship.


For reasons only known to Jesus and the Disciples they concentrated on Marriage that they recognized within Judaism that they all belonged to. These ideas & philosophies carried over into the saved gentiles that we read about in various portions of the New Testament.


Simply put there is nothing in the Bible to support modern lgbt foolishness. And there is nothing Jesus said or did that supported the pagan uses of ‘gay sex’ that he not only witnessed as did his followers during the early history of the Christian church.

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