What would Jesus do about gays?

April 2012.

While I was at work I wondered what would Jesus do about gays in ancient Israel? Here is what I figured Jesus would do then and now.

I have no doubt that my Lord would try to reach out to gay people with preaching to stop sinning, heal them in their minds and bodies. Yet he would not partake of their sins.

Jesus would teach them and correct them of the mentality and deceptions that cause them to act upon their desires and sins.

He would urge them to forgive those who physically, sexually, psychologically hurt them as individuals  over the years and urge them to follow him and his teachings.

He would preach and teach against those groups who urge homosexuals to seek special rights and marriage.

Having done all to stand in truth he would be forced to slay those who fought against him and to slay the demons in the minds of homosexuals that deceived them into those sins.

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