Moslems offended with satire

Frank J at wrote the following satire in 2006 and quickly made the following enemies.

“This man wants to “kill all Muslim kids”

“Sunday, December 17, 2006”

And cair quickly shut down a blogger called ‘right wing howler’ here:

TAMPA: CAIR Calls on Web Host Company to Drop “Kill All Muslim Kids’ Site


Well good ole cair didn’t get the right guy…


“IMAO (In My Arrogant Opinion) is a humorous blog started by me, Frank J., back on July 9th, 2002. It is a funny website that is mainly about politics because politics is funny. If you do not find this blog funny, then obviously you are reading it wrong because many other people find it funny. There may, in fact, be something wrong with you. You should have a doctor look at you to make sure it’s not fatal.”

“If you are not dying of a humor-inhibiting disease, then you should find much happiness from reading IMAO. A good place to start is the essay Nuke the Moon which is one of IMAO’s most popular pieces. Then you can check out what’s on the front page which is updated multiple times daily by me or the other IMAO bloggers. You can also have fun looking through the archives (listed on the right sidebar) or Google search (left sidebar) for a particular topic. There’s so much humor on IMAO that it seems extremely stupid to offer it all for free, but lucky for you we are very stupid.”

“Have fun!”

And what was the offending post?

See here:

“The Only Way to Ensure that Our Children Don’t Have to Fight Terrorism Is to Kill All the Arab Children”

“An Editorial by Frank J.”

“Posted by Frank J. at 02:08 PM | “

“November 28, 2006 “


“ Do you stay awake at night worry that your children will still have to be dealing with terrorists? I know I worry about my theoretical future children. They might want to fight terrorists because they think it’s cool and want to imitate SpongeBob, but terrorists are dangerous and I don’t want my children near them. Stupid children. As responsible parent and possible future parents, we have to make sure our children don’t have to deal with the terrorism that plagues us now. The only way to do that is to kill all the Arab kids.”


“If you support America and children, then you should be for murdering Arab kids.” Many Arab kids will grow up to be terrorists who will then blow up our kids who will now be adults (but not any longer after they get blown up). If we kill the kids now, they won’t grow up and become terrorists; biologists confirm this. That’s why killing all the Arab children is a workable solution to spare our own children. What also helps with this plan is that numerous scientifical studies have confirmed that children are much easier to kill than adults since children are small and weak and don’t run fast. Thus, this plan is extremely smart. So why has it not been implemented? Because of irrational beliefs, that’s why.”


“ Some object to killing Arab children since they think that killing children is wrong. I don’t see why people bring that up since that is completely off topic. We’re talking about making sure our children don’t have to deal with terrorism, and an argument about theoretical “morals” only clouds the issue. Save the navel gazing for pretentious college students.”


“ Others object to this as genocide, but only a moron would do that. I’m not saying we should kill all Arabs; I’m just saying we should kill all their children. Think before you speak.”


“ The most frequent objection is that killing all Arab children is misdirected since many Arabs aren’t terrorists and many are even Christians who seldom behead people who don’t deserve it. The suggestion is then that, to spare our children from terrorism, we kill all the Muslim children. That’s just stupid. Children aren’t “Muslim” because they’re too young to be a part of an organized religion. Thus, you can’t kill “Muslim children” because there are no such thing. There are Arab children, so we can kill them. It’s just being practical.”


“ Finally, some think that the scope of this plan is too limited since Iran is a big supporter of terrorism but they’re not Arab and thus don’t have Arab children. I frankly don’t understand that. If Iranians aren’t Arabs, then what are they doing in the Middle East? That doesn’t make sense. I’m quite sure Iranians are Arab and anyone who says otherwise is probably just confused.”


“ So, as you can see, killing all Arab children to spare our own is a great plan with no flaws. The only people who would object to it are those who want to one day see America’s children killed. If you support America and children, then you should be for murdering Arab kids.”


“Frank J. is a syndicated columnist whose columns appear worldwide on and is trying to write extreme opinions to generate controversy to promote his new book “The Chronicles of Dubya Volume 1: The Defeat of Saddam” and the second edition of “Michael Moore Is Fat: The Proof of His Obesity” which includes even more shocking new evidence of Moore’s corpulence!”

Yes these types of ‘black humor’ satire are offensive. But by no means a statement of genocide. After all WHERE is the proof that the West is eliminating Islamic countries?

Frank J is not the only satirist against islam.

Who can forget… Ayesha Ahmed:

A Complaint to Allah

by Ayesha Ahmed



by Ayesha Ahmed

01 May, 2008

Note: This article is a satire

A Letter To Allah From A 10 Year Old Boy

by Ayesha Ahmed


Debating Islam Tips on Format and Techniques for Muslims

by Ayesha Ahmed

07 Mar, 2008

Islamic Dawah A Jewish Scam to Milk Muslims

by Ayesha Ahmed

09 Jan, 2008

Islamic Haram and Halal

by Ayesha Ahmed


Jesus of Nazareth Could Not Be the Eisa of the Quran

by Ayesha Ahmed

23 Aug, 2008

Note: This article is a satire

Our Prophets Great Attachment to His Birth Religion

by Ayesha Ahmed

* This article us a satire

01 May, 2007

Sharia in America

by Ayesha Ahmed


All this brew-ha-ha did not change anything. Frank J still blogs, So does Ayesha. And their opinions, skepticism and humor will continue on long after they decided to quit blogging.

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