In defense of Sunday Worship

I can already sense the skepticism of the various Theonomist / SDA readers I have acquired over the years.

“How can you defend a pagan day of worship?”


“How dare you defend a day raised up by the catholic church?”

Well here are my Defenses…

1 I can find NO SCRIPTURAL BASIS to prove to my satisfaction that I’m doing anything wrong by not keeping the old Jewish Saturday Sabbath. Jesus was never recorded COMMANDING his gentile followers to keep the Sabbath. Everything he did on Sabbath was breaking the Traditions that the Sadducees and Pharisees put on that day of rest.


2 When a Christian such as myself studies the Saturday Sabbath issue we find the following:

Exodus 20:8-11 Shows that God required a day of rest for Ancient Israel from security, herding and travel.

Exodus 31:12-18 Further directions for ancient Israel in regards to their day of rest.

Theonomists can you REALLY prove prove  the new Testament that we the Gentile Christian church are like Israel and are required to keep Saturday Sabbath? The Gentile Church is not Israel! We are not Commanded by Jesus or the disciples to follow the law of Moses.


3 After Jesus was jailed, beaten and murdered by his enemies. He resurrected on the ‘first day’ (Sunday). His resurrection is cause for Thanksgiving, Worship and celebration.

Matthew 28:1

Mark 16:1-2

Luke 23:56 – Luke 24:1

John 20:1


4 The Disciples of Christ recognized that Jesus did not Command the ENTIRE law of Moses for the Gentile. This can be proven here:

Acts 15:1-31

Galatians 5:13-18

Romans 13:8-10


5 The Disciples of Christ also knew that Jesus did not require a specific day of worship or rest. They left a day of rest or Worship for we the Gentile Church.

See: Romans 14:5-6


6 Jesus never listed Sabbath as a Commandment to follow. In fact Jesus is recorded saying that there were only two great commandments from the ENTIRE law of Moses.

Matthew 22:36-40

Mark 12:29-31

Luke 10:25-28


Sabbath keeping Christians and their Theonomist cousins are welcome to keep the Law of Moses and Sabbath. However they should be willing to admit that they have no Biblical evidence that they HAVE to keep Sabbath nor do they have a Biblical basis to call Sunday satanic.

In the studies I have undertaken by reading the varied articles and posts by both SDA followers and their Theonomist cousins. I have found that their claims against Sunday rest or Worship are not defendable nor Biblically necessary. In reading both the Torah (Tanakh) and my favorite King James Bible. I cannot find any Commandment by Jesus that I am required to keep the old Saturday Sabbath.

IF Sunday is not offensive to God nor is it offensive to Jesus Christ then SDA – Theonomist propaganda / articles / blog posts are completely dead wrong and they should stop their attacks on other Christians.

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