Reasons why Christians convert to islam

The following list are various reasons I created about why Christians become Islamic converts (reverts). These donot include “ALL” reasons why Christians or other Westerners and other religions convert to islam. But these are what I have found researching ‘convert’ testamonies on islamic websites.



1 Lack of knowledge about islam and its systems, beliefs compiared to Christianity.

( See Hosea 4:6 )


We need to know the differences between islam theology – doctrines, culture, political system, and Christian morality, Theology – Doctrines etc.



2 Disgust of American culture, society,



3 Disgust of moral decay in America, Europe, Else where in the West.



4 Well written muslim propaganda by EX Christians who convert to islam or muslims trained in Christian theology to use ‘dahwah’ to rope in unwary Christians.



5 The APPEARANCE of morality, conservative dress, in islamic communities or countries.



6 Lack of study on HOW we got the Holy Bible, Biblical history, Archeology and learning evidences of our faith in Christ to counter false religious propaganda.



7 Lack of study on how islam started, it’s tactics in dahwah and jihad.





We as Christians should not get discouraged about islams growth nor its claims. We should be willing to challenge and counter all moslem claims online or in person. In doing so we would slow and possibly disable islams ghrowth in the west and to bring back those lost within its theocratic system.

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