WHY gay marriage and gay rights isn’t Christian

Started: 6-20-2014

Finished: 9-6-2014

In another move of total lunacy and apostate teachings, another Denomination group voted to accept the gay lifestyle as ‘normal’.

The article below doesn’t discuss the REAL matter IF the ‘gay’ lifestyle is supported in the Holy Bible it only discusses the decision of liberals to accept the sins of sodomy and lesbianism as if those activities are part of a persons normal life.

“Presbyterian assembly: Gay marriage is Christian”

“Associated Press “


“7 hours ago 6-20-2014”


How totally sad that another Denomination accepts gays as if their lifestyle choices are natural and normal. And yet I understand the deception they have faced. This world system has chosen to accept multiple sexual fetishes as good and normal when in reality there is nothing safe or sane about them.

No where in the article is there any doctrinal, theological or spiritual authority to claim that gay men and lesbians can get married within the Church itself. Such ‘proofs’ come from individuals opinions and not the Bible itself.

My question to the ‘progressive’ / secular apostates is Where does Jesus proclaim and defend sexual fornication and abnormal sins as Blessed by himself or God?

Those that think that God and Jesus would bless sodomy and lesbianism as relationships and marriage are quite mistaken.

After all where is Jesus doctrine to promote sin and deviant lifestyles?

Where is Jesus doctrine to promote sodomy marriages or lesbian marriages?

No such tradition or doctrine exists within Christianity to accept gays as couples or equals.

I donot value apostates claims, threats or doctrines as Biblical only foolish opinions fighting for a immoral cause. To destroy marriage and replace it with further foolish sins. Sins that have not been blessed by God but only condemn those who partake in such acts and condemn the persons who protect and propagate such idiocy.

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