Christian questions on ghost hunting

Christian questions on ghost hunting

Jan 2011

This morning I found this question typed into the search engine of my blog.


“Should Christians ghost hunt?”

Here is my response to that query.

NO! Christians should not ghost hunt. For the following reasons.

Ghosthunting requires one or more of the following activities that God said through the Torah or Old Testament that was a abomination.


Familiar spirits


(Deuteronomy 18:9-14)

Modern words for the same old sins:

Spirit guides



Spiritism (“Dead time”),  séances… etc

Ouija boards

In using Jesus as our example he didn’t ‘hunt’ spirits nor believe in ghosts. He sent away demons from people. Jesus taught his followers how to deal with the demonic. These demons could make it’s host sick, possess, oppress etc. Because some hauntings have similar activities I have included the following Scriptures dealing with these spirits.

Matthew 10:8

Matthew 12:43-45

Mark 1:21-27

Mark 3:11-15

Mark 5:1-20

Mark 9:14-30

Luke 4:31-37

Luke 8:26-39

We as Christian’s donot have a necessity to investigate, hunt or gather unnecessary evidence of demonic phenomenon. We can of course pray for those who are influenced by the demonic and use Spiritual warfare to counter attack demonic influences.

Should Christians get involved in EVP sessions (“Deadtime”)?

Again NO.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Using a digital recorder or other device a individual or paranormal investigator attempts to record a unheard voice of a spirit that may or may not answer various questions asked by that investigator.

EVP requires the user to audio record a supposed spirit voice at a supposedly haunted location. The EVP recordist asks questions in a space that is supposed to be haunted by a ‘ghost’ and may or may not record a unexplained voice usually undetectable by the human ear.

EVP is basically Necromancy with the use of technology instead of a ouija board. This type of contact of which God spoke against in the Torah

And New Testament:

1 John 4:1-3

Why did God forbid such contact? Because the demonic happily contact those who are ignorant of their existence and willingly mislead those who believe and use EVP to contact these entities who are mimicking the dead.

Should Christians participate in Séances?

Using Jesus as our example. Jesus did not make contact with the demonic who were imitating the dead. As a Jew he knew that the dead are unable to contact the living.

From the Torah.

Deuteronomy 18:10-14

Ecclesiastes 9:5-6

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Ecclesiastes 12:7

Not only did God make it a crime to contact the dead. Solomon in the Ecclesiastes furthered this type of opinion that the dead are not in a state where they can react or interact with the living.

Our Lord Jesus did not communicate with the dead like actors and actresses on the ‘reality tv’ ghost-hunting tv shows.

To Conclude:

Admittedly we Christians donot have the same Commandments detailing avoidance with the occult as our Jewish nieghbors in the Torah.

Despite not having a Theocratic series of laws we do have a great teacher in Jesus. Using the Gospels I tried to show how Jesus dealt with ‘spirits’. But these entities were not  human souls but demonic entities.

These same demonic entitites interact and react to ‘ghosthunters’ through EVP and other forms of technological means. In doing so those well meaning souls listen to those entitites mimiking human souls and recioeving flase information from lying psirits.

We Christians should listen to our Comforter the Holy Spirit. From Acts 2:1-4. Not the lying spirits that ghosthunter investigators record.

Avoiding those false spirits that speak through EVP:

2 Thessalonians 2:1-2

1 John 4:1-6

2 John 1:7-9

Our Lord Jesus taught us through his words and example that ghosthunting and its occult powers is not for us. And is best refused in our community.

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