My response to the book entitled “A Christian case for gay marriage, what god has joined together?”

Their book.

A Christian case for gay marriage, What God has joined together?

~David G Myers & Letha Dawson Scanzoni

As a frequent library user I come across multiple titles and subjects that pique my interest. Their book is yet another example of trying to place modern subjects into ancient times. But more importantly they ignore the following.

1 The gay lifestyle is not any more healthy than other fornicators. In trying to justify such relationships these authors are attempting to justify something that goes against Gods creative process. We are born male and female. We chose our sexual desires by our particular lusts both gay and straight.

2 Despite their claims on Page 103-104 about “Jesus is not recorded as having said anything at all about homosexuality”… Jesus frequently was recorded talking about marriage in the context of husbands and wives. Those teachings go against the modern ideas of gay coupling and gay relationships.

Matthew 5:27-32

Matthew 19:1-9

Mark 10:1-12

Yes we can agree that each of these Scriptures discusses divorce. And yet Jesus still defended marriage as between one man and one woman. The modern concept of ‘gay rights’, ‘gay relationships’, ‘gay marriage’ did not exist during his life.

3 Jesus as a Jew would be living under the ENTIRE Law of Moses. This means that sodomites & lesbians along with other deviants would be killed. The Torah was very specific about those who had sexual relations outside of marriage under Jewish Law.


Leviticus 18:1-30

Leviticus 20:13-16

4 As a friend and classmate to those who died gay. I am sickened that people maintain that the gay lifestyle is somehow decent and yet so many gay men and lesbian women die as a result of their choices. As a society, Christian or not we should insist that gays get psychological help in order to preserve their individual lives. Not simply allow them to run the course of their fornications into death by disease or worse.

I donot believe that there is ANY adequate ‘case’ for allowing ‘gay marriage’ and the death of those who were once close to me is evidence enough that the so called ‘social

‘ and psychological allies of gay marriage will not save themselves but will only promote the death of all gays not because of Christian violence but the diseases and other medical issues that kill gay men and lesbian women.

Other critics of this book:

A Christian Case for Gay Marriage?

Albert Mohler, Author, Speaker & President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Friday, August 26, 2005

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by Robert A. J. Gagnon, Ph.D.

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Question: “What does the Bible say about gay marriage / same sex marriage?”

In the near future more writings by apostates and those poisoned by ‘social justice’ gurus and liberalized theology will only widen them schism between those who want to keep Biblical morality in their children and those who will allow their children to join the liberalized ‘church’ and draw upon mans teachings verses those that God instilled in both the Torah and Christian Bible.

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