My reply to the article islam is not the enemy

Due to a copy right note on this article here:

“Islam is not the enemy”

“Posted: Tuesday, September 7, 2010 12:55 pm”



I cannot repost this article in its entirety as I normally would. So I have decided to respond to this individuals article using these bullet points.

1 So called ‘Anti-isalm’ or ‘Islamaphobic’ activities bother these two authors. But why? Are they really that brainwashed into thinking that islam is a ‘cousin’ to their own Faith? And yet if they bothered to read up on Islamic history they would see that islam as a system was never meant to be a stepping stone for all religions. Islam is a Theocratic system that destroyed all other non muslim religions in the Middle East.

2 How is it wrong to counter moslem marches when they attack Jews, Israel in the press, online and more? When we so called ‘islamaphobes’ are using our American rights to speak out against their propaganda and Anti-Semitism.

3 How is it wrong to study islam using their materials and recognize that its ‘sharia’ laws as a Theocratic system is NOT good for America Politically, Religiously -etc? In the mentality of these two authors ANYONE who speaks out against islam because of its Theocracy or jihadi activities are somehow ‘racist’, or ‘hate mongers’ and yet I have no doubt these two individuals have never cracked open a quran to read how muhammads scribes butchered the Torah and made its stories into a fiction.

4 By standing with their ‘moslem cousins’ do they also stand for the destruction of Judaism, The destruction of Israel? Their politically correct ignorance of isalm doesn’t make them grand defenders but ‘islams useful idiots’. I truly wish these two Jewish authors would read their Torah and then read the quran to note how islams butchered the Torahs stories of Jewish characters. Perhaps by reading what moslems say about Moses, David and many other persons in the Torah these two Jewish authors would stop their foolishness.

5 While burning the quran in Florida or on youtube is bigoted and intolerant. Such acts are allowed by Federal laws. But why? Because in burning the quran its ideas and Anti-Semitism are also burned. Even Hitler whom the listed in the commentary was a Anti-Semite and a ally to islam. But for obvious reasons these authors did not mention that.

6 The so called ‘attacks’ either online or by other means are because of Islamic attacks elsewhere or moslem writings through blogs, youtube videos and more. And by attacks I DONOT mean anything criminal I mean skepticism against islam, utter doubt of moslem claims and more.

7 No doubt media and other types of attacks against the following groups can be seen in their ‘pc’ world as hateful they neglect the following.

Catholics were a Theocratic government that actively killed off Protestant and Jews throughout Europe and lead multiple crusades against moslems.

Mormons or LDS ‘attacks’ were because of their odd beliefs and other types of activities. LDS beliefs are against both Jewish and Christian Faiths. Also I will point out that the LDS are a type of Theocracy in Utah presently.

Jews were indeed persecuted by MULITPLE groups. And no doubt UNFAIRLY attacked in person and the media by Catholics, Moslems and more.

Atheism as it stands in the American public system are still against Jews, Christians and against all other religions. Because of liberalism / secularism as beliefs and political ideologies they are allowed to hold public office.

8 While all these religious, or philosophy groups do indeed participate in American life and politics. Each group donot have a Theocratic system attempting to destroy American life and politics. Islam does.

9 September 11th was a horrific wake up call to not only America but the world. Islam as a Theocracy must be rejected, fought against and criticized at every level. Moslem politicans inAmerica should be watched and removed should they try to install sharia laws, sharia courts and so forth.

10 To conclude my commentary on this article.

Every American has the right to their religion and opinion. The view point of these Jewish authors that criticism and skepticism of islam, moslem claims and so forth is another form of racism, hate mongering etc. Shows that they themselves are religious sycretists with no real knowledge of islams history or documentation.

By trying to silence skeptics and critics of islam either as a culture, political system and religion these two Jewish authors are fighting not for Freedom of press, Freedom of religion, Freedom of opinion, Freedom of expression but act like the very jihadis and mujahedeen that helped Muhammad spread islam all over the Middle East and Europe.

It is my hope that all religions read the quran, read about islams bloody history and take note of moslem claims in the press, online or wherever moslems voice Islamic teachings. By listening to what moslems are saying and watching what they do we are better prepared to counter islams Theocracy in America and elsewhere in the world!

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