Are Christians aka ‘the religious right’ causing gays to be victims?

Started: Aug 2014. Finished: Sept 6 2014

A recent propaganda piece by paul gordon suggests that Christians are the big bullies ‘keeping down’ the gay ‘race’…


“The Victims of the Religious Right”

“Posted:  08/22/2014 10:29 am EDT    Updated:  1 hour ago”

“Paul Gordon Senior Legislative Counsel, People For the American Way and People For the American Way Foundation”



What should I say as a Conservative or Christian…?


Despite the obvious slander and progay propaganda…


How is promoting gay men and lesbian women into a neo-ethnic group, race or gender actually doing anyone any good? And what of the examples that gays simply want to get rid of marriage and morality all together? No word from this author or the company he is part of…


IF someone was to look up their website we find the following examples of how they are ignorantly promoting destruction of marriage and religious freedom…



“Tell the President and Congress: It’s time to repeal (the rest of) DOMA.”




“Losing Their Appeal: The Real Reason the Right is Terrified by the Prop 8 Case”



“Anti-Gay Politics and the Religious Right A Report by the People For the American Way Foundation”




How can a liberal group say such things and yet also claim they support the following…



3 Examples of their ‘5 values’ from this groups website.



” Our Values: Defining the American Way”

“Adopted by the Board of Directors, May 1996”



“2.Because People For the American Way believes in freedom of conscience, we work to defend Americans’ right to worship as they choose free from government interference, we work to defend freedom of expression, and we work to defend Americans’ freedom to make their own decisions about matters of conscience.”

“We work to promote appreciation for freedom of expression.”

“We work to defend against censorship in all its forms, whatever the medium of expression.”

“We work to protect religion from government intrusion.”

“We work to defend freedom of worship.”

“We work to create a community in which Americans of different faith traditions and of none are respected, welcomed and treated equally.”

“We work to protect the right of people to make personal health decisions free from government intrusion.”



“3.Because People For the American Way believes in the principle of democratic participation and the democratic process, we work to foster citizen involvement in the community and in government, and we work to protect and preserve the constitutional principles that built the nation.”

“We work to lower barriers to citizen participation.”

“We work to foster civic participation, particularly among our youth.”

“We work to encourage civic activism.”

“We work to promote accountability for our political leaders.”

“We work to foster open and honest dialogue about the important issues facing the country.”



“4.Because People For the American Way believes in the value of community, we work to promote pluralism and diversity, and we work to promote tolerance and respect from and for all segments of the American community.”

“We work to promote respect for diversity, particularly among our youth.”

“We work to combat hatred and intolerance.”

“We work to promote respect for the family.”

“We work to promote personal responsibility.”

“We work to support policies to redress the impact of past and current discrimination.”



How ironic… To claim to protect American rights and yet attack Conservatives and Christians and to promote secular ideas all the while proclaiming to ‘protect’ them. How incredibly stupid of these left-turds.



For those of us who are Christian, this organization has not protected our Religious rights from the progay crowd within the Government.


This secular organization has not protected our rights to have a political say within the US Government by voting or voicing our opinions on Federal and national laws to protect marriage (religious or not) and protecting our personal or religious lives without having to accept the progay propaganda and misinformation as ‘truth’


The above examples are just a small part of their ‘intolerance’, ‘disrespect’, for Conservative opinions on many issues only one of them being gay marriage / gay rights.



Where is the evidence, the facts of Christianity, Christians or the political conservative as criminals against the pro-gay crowd – supporters, sodomites or lesbians?




That’s what I thought…

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