Other Christian responses to ADL’s “Uncomfortable questions posed to the critics”

UPDATE: 9-17-2016

In this brief post I wanted to make sure to document the responses to ADL’s old post from fellow Christians about their old and outdated questions. The following is from an old word document.

“Waaaayyyy back in 09-13-2010 I gave a series of answers to ‘ADF’ from the posted questions they have offered on this website:”


“Their link:”





“A recent email to me from my friends at.”




“Has produced their own answers to the ADF website. Their answers can be viewed here.”



“A Response to the Challenge Proffered on the Adventist Defense League Blogsite”

“By William H. Hohmann”


Click to access A%20Critic%20Answers%20Uncomfortable%20Questions.pdf


As more Christians respond I will post their links here.

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