Who writes the Doctrines of the Christian Church?

Feb 2, 2014

richard rives has regularly said in his emails…

“…Major aspects of Traditional Christianity are in fact pagan in nature: Easter, Christmas, and Sunday rest. Educated theologians are well aware of that fact…”



“…Today many theologians attempt to associate adaptations of the pagan mythology with Christianity. Non Biblical precepts that are found nowhere in the Bible, are easily documented among the writings of pagan philosophers; and in an information age young people are just not buying it…”

Really? Are Church Doctrines solely created by Theologians?

No… Of course not.

Let’s remind ourselves… What is Doctrine?

“1 archaic: teaching, instruction”

“2 a: something that is taught”

“b: a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief : dogma”


If Doctrine are teachings authored by many Christian individuals from multiple Denominations, sects, and even cults.

Ole rivesy is wrong yet again.

Those who are teachers within the Christian church are Church leaders, Pastors and others in leadership roles are those who write and author the Doctrines of the Christian church. Not merely ‘Theologians’. Even rives with his doctrinal flaws & legalistic philosophy could be a ‘teacher’ albeit a false one.

No my friends… Theologians are not responsible for the many subjects rives believes to be ‘pagan’ within the CULTURE of the Christian Church. These subjects rives teaches are:

{Keeping the Ten Commandments}

{Saturday Sabbath keeping vs. Sunday keeping}

{Celebrations that once had pagan power such as Christmas, Easter, etc}

Are not Doctrines of the Christian church but merely subjects that are small portions of teachings within Christianity or sects of Christianity. It is up to that individual researcher to make their own decisions if the above subjects AND MORE are important enough to include into the Churches teachings or something to refute.

Within rives philosophy he considers these subjects important. While others of us look upon such subjects are mere side notes while we address deeper and more troubling issues within this worlds political, educational systems.

No my friends there is no satanic cabala that has control over what Christians teach or preach. There are only flawed individuals who publish teachings that are either FOR Christ or AGAINST Christ.

rives and his followers are against Christ and the Disciples because it is their teachings a Christian should follow from the Holy Bible. Not some deceived heretic given over to mans philosophies like the judaizing / theonomists rives allies himself with.

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