My lists of the word ‘Arab’ in the Torah and Bible

In the last five years since I started studying Islam. Many muslim authors have made claims about ‘muhammad being prophesied in the Bible or Torah as a future prophet’ or something to that extent…

But when we actually look up the term of Arab in the Torah or the Bible.

Arabs in the Torah / Holy Bible

The following are a listing of Scriptures that include the terms:






Pages 74 – 75 Strongs Exhaustive concordance of the Bible Reference library edition


Joshua 15:52 village


Joshua 18:18 land for Benjamin


1 Kings 10:15 Wealth given to Solomon

2 Chronicles 9:14 Solomons wealth from Arabia

Isaiah 21:13-17 Prophecy of Arabia

Jeremiah 25:24 Kings of Arabia

Ezekiel 27:21 Those who morn the city of Tyrus

Galatians 1:17, 4:25

1:17 Paul traveled into Arabia

4:21-31 Allegory about Abraham and Hagar


Nehemiah 2:19 Geshem the arabian

Nehemiah 6:1 Geshem the arabian

Isaiah 13:20 Arabians will not pitch their tents in Babylon

Jeremiah 3:2 Examples of whoredoms


2 Chronicles 17:11 Arabs give flocks to Jehoshaphat

2 Chronicles 21:16 God stirs up Philistines, Arabians

2 Chronicles 22:1 Arabs killed the eldest men so Ahaziah becomes king

2 Chronicles 26:7 Uzziah attacks Philistines and Arabians

Nehemiah 4:7 Enemys of Israel hear of Jerusalems walls are back up

If muslims are brave enough to research the previous lists I can safely assume that these disprove islam being related to either the Jewish or Christian faiths.

We can also assume that God doesnt recognize muslim claims but simply called them ‘Arab’ and nothing more.

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