No Eric, Why you aren’t the cult-ural majority

No Eric, Why you aren’t the cult-ural majority

Started: 6-12-2016

Finished: 12-11-2016

I am not buying into the pro gay propaganda that they are somehow in control over the USA Government, media. After all gay men, lesbians and the rest of that letter group are only 2% of the US population.


So here is my advice for the following individual.



” Some advice for Americas new minority”

“Eric Frazier “

“March 27, 2016 11:00 AM”



We as people… Those who hold personal disdain for pro gay propaganda and it’s seemingly endless source of misinformation and foolishness. Aren’t actually a ‘minority’ we are simply living our lives without a care.


After all…


Are your opinions the law of the land?

Are your choices keeping you safe from stds and other diseases?

Do your choices make you a better person or do they hurt you physically, financially?



In other words is your ‘gay life’ really better than mine?


I seriously doubt that.


Eric, Neither you or other gay men ‘born gay’. You chose to commit yourself to gay sex and the same with all the others in your ‘letter group’.


Perhaps you aren’t aware of how few your numbers actually are. Well.. Here let me help you with that.



“How Many Gay Men Are There Fewer Than You Might Think”

“Who Should You Count—Anyone With A Drop Of Gayness?”

“Ritch C Savin-Williams Ph.D.”

 “Sex, Sexuality, and Romance”

“Posted Sep 04, 2016”



“What percentage of the US population is gay lesbian or bisexual?”

“The Volokh Conspiracy”

“By Eugene Volokh”

“July 15, 2014”



Americans Greatly Overestimate Percent Gay, Lesbian in U.S.

“by Frank Newport”

“Social Issues”

“May 21, 2015”



In other words your numbers donot make you a majority. And your opinions cannot / will not screw up my life because of your mistakes, decisions and choices.


Perhaps you need to re-think your life. After all I’ll likely out live you just as I have out lived my various gay classmates.

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