My Sept 11th Story (And Rant)

On the morning of Sept 11th 2001 I was preparing to walk to work at a local furniture store. I paid little attention to the tv news that morning.

My walk to work was normal there was light traffic on the roads. Something not expected that day.

Once I got to work I was told there horrible truth. Four aircraft with American citizens had been hijacked and were crashed into 4 different locations. Two of those aircraft crashed into the Twin towers in New York City. One smashed into the Pentagon and the last was to hit the White House but was diverted and crashed into a field in Shanksville PA.

Needless to say the owner of the Furniture warehouse allowed us to go home.

As I walked home I did so as a numbed individual completely ill prepared for the horrific news that was to come. Thousands of dead, murdered people, blasted, burned rubble & massive damage.

All done in the name of allah.

On Sept 11th 2001 I knew NOTHING about islam, Muhammad. I knew NOTHING about the quran and islams history.

Over the days and weeks that passed I would collect a lot of news papers and their stories of those horrific attacks. Some of those articles were sent to my wife to be in the Philippines.

As the years went by. I met and married my wife and together we had our kids.

By 2007 I did myself a favor and bought a quran and read it. All the while taking MASSIVE notes on its contents. It was then I understood that those in islam making claims that it s systems came from God was a lie. The Qurans contents are not in line with the Christian Bible nor the Jewish Torah.

Eventually the deaths of saddam hussien and osama bin laden brought a sense of vengeance and justice but this war continues in those countries that islam is the only political system.

As I remember Sept 11th… 11 years later I recognize that our war as Americans will be long, with many battles, many dead on both sides. We as non muslims and Americans must never lose sight that our goal is to remove the mujahedeen and their partners.

While it is easy for me to blame moslems and islam itself. American politicians share the blame for those who died on Sept 11 2001. They did not prepare to fight those who use islam as a excuse for enforcing a world wide Theocracy. They did not take the threats seriously enough to set up defenses for its population.

Sept 11, 2001 was Americas wake up call. America is easily attacked. Americans can be killed in horrible ways. We as a secular, atheist nation are not under Gods protection as we once were. We are a country are sitting ducks for those primates who think that their bizzare god and their Theocratic system is better than Democracy.

Every Sept is a time to reflect on the murder of my fellow Americans but many others who died at the hand of the mujahedeen in the name of their allah. All for the sake of revenge and the ideological stupidity of a ethnic group that can’t work out their own problems without the use of weapons and bombs.

And in that the mujahedeen who attack us FAILED! We are not afraid of moslems or their system in fact we jail those who want islams theocracy and we punish those who do evil in the name of islam in the USA and other countries.

We as Americans have awakened to the threat of islam as a system. I view 9-11-2001 not as a day to mourn but the realization that more Americans have read islams documents, blogs, websites and we as a Nation of ‘kaafir’ have chosen wisely to respond to islam and moslems with our own voices and opinions against them.

In that I celebrate 9-11 as a day that we can change other peoples perspectives with wit and wisdom with the internet. And that the tragedy of 9-11 doesn’t continue with our own ignorance and stupidity but with the willingness to counter out enemies statements and demands with showing that their words and actions donot make islam look better but actually worse.

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