Christianity DID NOT give humanity equal rights for gay marriage


Feb 2014

A recent internet author wrote the following article.

“How Christianity gave us gay marriage”

And used the age old ‘slavery’ argument that supposedly is reminiscent of the ‘struggle for gay rights and marriage’. After all we ‘evil’ white folk enslaved black Africans in the South and that vile history somehow equates to gay men & lesbians get a free ‘race card’ / a-ok to promote their lifestyles in the courts & in society.

How flippantly droll that a intelligent liberal would bother to equal slavery with sodomy & lesbian as some neo-race / ethnic group.

The author of the article uses the writings of ‘Alexis de Tocqueville’ to promote the ideals that ‘democracy’ has somehow done a grand thing to allow deceived people to vote into laws and allow these same laws to trounce all Christian and other religious rights in order to promote a cultural suicidal tune for those who think as sheeple that gay love is equal to man and woman marriage.

It is not Christianity that liberal sheeple and those in the gay lifestyle owe any thanks too. It is the idiocy of liberals and the political left that should be blamed ER thanked.

Christianity as a sect of Judaism promoted man and woman marriage. The present ideology of the left has promoted nothing but destruction for both society but our culture and for what? Sexual freedom…

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