My open letter to Amanda Knox

Oct 2011


I am sorry Ms. Knox for your suffering, fear, and the time wasted by questionable investigators. As you already know we supported you as Seattle-ites and listeners of Kiro fm radio

I am also sorry that Ms Kercher was murdered by an evil man. And that her family will never forgive you or your defenders for proving your innocence while their daughter rests eternally in the arms of Jesus.

May Ms. Kercher truly find JUSTICE through Jesus Christ and God almighty but not at the expense of you or your family.

Never forget that Jesus Loves you, God loves you and we who support you in Prayers love you. May you find peace, May you find the help you need to forgive your captors, Forgive those who ‘set you up’, and forgive all those who foolishly accuse you without evidence.


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