The real reason for the genesis of gay marriage in Washington State

During one of my many trips to my local library I found a DVD entitled “For my wife” in which chronicles the death of a  Seattle lesbian in a bizzare flood in 2006. It is Kate Flemings death and the intolerant actions of a medical staffer that caused Charlene Strong to become a gay activist for gay marriage and gay equality in this State.

Having watched “For my wife” I can say with certainty it is a propaganda piece for the gay left. It is a personal, sorrowful DVD of how one Tragedy created one of the most controversial and dangerous laws not only in Washington state but in the United States.

I can sum up with one word about gay marriage laws and equality laws in  Washington  state. TRAGEDY… Yes that’s right… TRAGEDY. Because of the tragic death of a lesbian in  Seattle  the so called ‘gay community’ rallied and force everyone to accept their lifestyles as normal and to be promoted.

Because of the death of Kate Fleming, her lover and the gay community of  Washington  state went forth to force everyone to accept their lifestyle choice through the Law.

By using the Law to force Washingtonians to accept the gay lifestyle under the guise of ‘equality’ and ‘tolernace’  they in reality are creating more problems than we can hope to solve.

While I pity her loss I cannot accept that the LBGT lifestyle is worthy to be promoted in the media or to be a useful subject to change our Laws in America for thier benefit by using politics.

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