Pagan Christianity or rives Theonomy?

Feb 28, 2012

In another email commentary from last year  rives mentions the following.

“They Cannot Hearken”

“by Richard Rives”

“Friday, August 26, 2011 10:19 AM”

“Churches are full of good people who truly believe in Jesus, but have no idea that the religion they are practicing never had anything to do with our Savior. Most of the preachers know – perhaps all of those who have theological training – but they will do anything possible to keep the people from finding out. How can they do that? How can they deliberately withhold the truth from those for whom they are responsible?”


“From a worldly perspective these preachers are very good men, who appear to really care about their church members. Once again, how can they encourage people to participate in aspects of paganism that they know never had anything to do with Christ? I believe it is because they have come to the false conclusion that God does not really care.”

“The people we read about in the Old Testament thought the same thing. They believed that they could combine the worship of pagan gods with the true worship of the Almighty, and that He would accept that – that He really did not care. That was simply not true and after years of prosperity they found out the hard way. These were God’s chosen people, yet He told them that because of their abominations he would deal in fury, that His eyes would not spare or have pity and that when they cried out for help He would not hear them.”

“Are we to believe that we are more privileged than the chosen people of that time? That we can combine abominable aspects of pagan sun worship with the true worship of our Creator – and that somehow He does not care?”

“Let us not forget that God does care, and let us not forget that we have an adversary – an adversary who cares not whether we call paganism Christianity or if we reject our Savior all together. Anything but the worship of our Creator in spirit and in truth.”

“Earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints: I’m Richard Rives with Just the Facts.”



My question for Richard rives, Theonomists and the Hebrew roots folks is… “Did Jesus require we Gentiles to live, work and keep according to the Law of Moses or his Commandments and Teachings?”

I think I already know the answer…

Is God offended with keeping Sunday, Easter, Christmas and so forth? I will answer NO because the Holy Spirit is the strength and guide in all matters of Christ and his Church. And it is through the Holy Spirit that we gather our spiritual and prophetic orders from our Beloved Savior. It is our Lords Teachings that we try to live our lives through not by trying to keep the Torah as rives surmises.

There is no doubt that old traditions offend Richard rives and his friends in the ‘Hebrew roots’ movement. Such persons who use judaizer tactics to convince fellow Protestants that we are somehow in the wrong for not keeping the Law of Moses.

While rives is welcome to his philosophy I keep finding more and more in the Scriptures that show me that rives attempts at going back to the Law are futile and he is not speaking for God but speaking through his own deceived heart.

We Christians donot add paganism to Christ. We donot worship a goddess or have ‘high places’ where we would worship unknown or unknowable gods. We donot sacrifice animals or children, we donot have occultic rituals or books of shadows or other types of occultism that would make us more akin to religion sycretists than Christians.

In my blog I have countered rives accusations of Mithraism and his other accusations of paganism. His words donot make him a Christian but a TRAITOR to what Jesus taught and did for not just Christians but the whole of human creation!

As I have asked before. Where in the Bible does it Command gentile Christians to keep the Law of Moses or the Sabbath? Obviously rives is not reading his Bible nor has he given any worthy response to my skepticism of his teachings and claims.

In fact even in the bulk emails he sends out there have been NO ANSWERS to any skeptics or critics of his teachings at all.

It is not the pastors of local Christian churches who are lying but rives himself.

Let’s consider his lies in brief.

1 Saturday Sabbath was commanded by God toISRAEL. Rives philosophy is that he and his students / followers are a type of NeoIsraeland there fore have to keep ONLY the Ten Commandments and Saturday Sabbath. Such teachings violate Gods Law and I greatly fear for thier souls.


Exodus 20:1-17

Exodus 31:12-18

Jesus whom we Christians are to follow. Spoke about Sabbath and Moses Laws here. Matthew 12:1-14, Matthew 22:36-40. But did not Command his Gentile followers to keep Sabbath as he did as a Jew. We can keep Sabbath by choice and his example but it is not required of us.

2 All Christian beliefs are based off of paganism? Despite his over zealous claims about Sunday and our yearly holidays.

A Sunday is the day Jesus resurrected on. Matthew 28:1

B Christmas is a traditional birthday of Jesus. We simply donot know his exact birthday. Is celebrating such a life pagan? I think not.

C Easter is the time of Jesus Resurrection.

Without Christmas & Easter remembering Jesus life makes no sense at all.

His posted evidences from roman Mithraism are amateur and totally illogical.

3 Jesus did not come to this earth to re-enforce Moses laws. In fact Jesus changed them.


Matthew 5:18-48

Matthew 9:16-17

Matthew 22:36-40

4 Jesus teaching does not support Theonomy claims nor the current craze of Replacement theology, or Hebrew roots that some Theonomist teachers use.

Matthew 5:18-48 (Teachings from the Law)

Matthew 12:13 (Sabbath)

Matthew 22:36-40 (Greatest of the Laws of Moses)

Many in the philosophies of Theonomy, Hebrew roots and other Sabbath keeper groups or movements disagree with my posts. I am ok with their disagreements because it is the Holy Bible I follow. It is the Scriptures that appear to me that are counter to their teachings, philosophies and it is the Teaching Jesus left us that we should follow and not throwing ourselves into any teaching made up by a deceived person.

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