What is behind the drive and debate between Christian Sabbath Keepers and Sunday Keepers:

Which day to choose…? Either…

As mentioned here frequently I argue with Christian Sabbath keepers about which day to follow.

The debate points on both sides are based off of:

Human teachers

Personal opinion

Life experience

And Personal Bible interpretation

The above list is in no way complete. There are probably various other reasons for Christian people to argue worship days. Basing their conclusions off of various Scriptures.

Yet are we missing a particular point?

As modern Seventh Day Adventists assert “There is no Scriptural Command or Scriptural basis to keep Sunday. Saturday Sabbath is Gods chosen day.” Most Christians who read and study their Bible can conclude that Saturday is indeed Sabbath. BUT Jesus was resurrected on Sunday or so tradition says.

Yet at the same time I have concluded in my own amateur investigations of the Holy Bible that there is no Scriptural Command or Scriptural basis for Gentile Christians (Such as myself) to keep the Jewish Sabbath.

Acts 15:1-31 gives we Gentiles guidelines about living the Christian faith.

In my blog I have shared a portion of my personal history between going to Church on either Saturday Sabbath or Sunday. I personally have attended and been part of congregations of fellow Christians either Saturday Sabbath or Sunday.

In both (Pentecostal) congregations we were taught the Word, Prayed for our fellows and others, asked for healing for our sick or for others, spoke in tongues, Worshipped Father Son and Holy Spirit, fellowshipped and enjoyed our group time with God.

So what is my point?

“Matthew 19:26 (King James Version)”

“ 26But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”


Since God is all powerful and according to tradition the Law of Moses was fulfilled by Christ according to Matthew 5:17. Then hypothetically God is ok with his followers keeping Saturday Sabbath or Sunday.

To Conclude:

There is nothing in the Holy Bible directed for the Gentiles to keep Saturday Sabbath. Particularly in the New Testament. Anything else from Sabbath keepers is opinion and hearsay.

After all why would God cloud his word when he clearly wants both groups of people Jew and Gentile to obtain salvation and join him in Heaven.

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