Bigotry of the gay bullies: A response to Alvin McEwen

Started: 1-20-2017

Finished: 2-18-2018


Back in 2015 I copied the following article for my files.


“The Antigay Right Cant Run Forever From Its History of Bigotry”

” Alvin McEwen blogmaster, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters”

“Posted:  04/24/2015 4:28 pm EDT    Updated:  04/24/2015 4:59 pm EDT”


I really do get the anger and hatred of gay authors and their media / propaganda machines. They are bothered with the posts, articles and other Conservative media that doubt their claims & counter their propaganda online and in real life.


After all… If we as Christians & Conservatives aren’t creating trouble for them why this?


” There is a brazenly dishonest new tactic emanating from the anti-gay right which must be called out on a larger scale. That lie is the idea that somehow the progression of marriage equality and popularity of the LGBT community is suddenly making them isolated and derided for supposedly simply stating their opinions. Suddenly the LGBT community is being portrayed as bullies seeking to shut anti-gay figures down and deride them for speaking against marriage equality and LGBT equality. It’s a skilled talking point helped along by think tank finances, intellectuals paid by these finances and a “news” network which mistakes omitted information, one-sided interviews and sloppy (probably in some cases deliberately sloppy) journalism as conservative opinion and ideology.”


(From his post above)


Well if it is not true why are Political Conservatives & Christians fighting back? Ironically there are those who are gay and have noticed the very same bigotry within the lgbt community.


“Who are the real gay marriage bigots? “

“A nasty intolerant streak runs through the argument of some gay rights supporters “

“By Damon Linker | March 7, 2014”




“The gay marriage bigots strike again “

“CEO Brendan Eich was chased out of Mozilla for supporting Proposition 8. That’s setting a dangerous precedent. “

“By Damon Linker | 6:12am ET”



Now if the lgbt-ers are so innocent than it’s all a big batch of homophobia right? We as Christians are just plain nuts. Or are we?


“I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children Into My LGBTQ Agenda (And I’m Not a Bit Sorry)”

“03/07/2015 08:47 am ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016”


“S. Bear Bergman Writer, educator, storyteller, & loudmouth.”



And that’s just three of many articles found on huffington post, the week, the stranger and many other liberal / leftist media that can be accessed online that demonstrates the hatred, bigotry & intolerance of the politically correct.


But hey it’s not his con-munities fault. It’s us damned ‘homophobes’…


(The following paragraphs bellow are from Alvin’s article)


” For decades, anti-gay organizations and their supporters have portrayed the LGBT community as child molesting, diseased, sexually aggressive miscreants whose sole desire is to cause chaos before being sent to the lower pits of hell after we die for our supposed sins. Through lies, distortions and bad science, anti-gay groups made it difficult for laws to be passed to protect our interests, health and families. They created and repeated ad nauseam the false mantra that we are a “public health hazard” and our lives are fraught with pain, sadness, loneliness and early death.”


“But suddenly, as if they are recreating the famous scene from the 1978 Superman motion picture in which actor Christopher Reeve soared through the air and flew backwards to alter history, anti-gay groups are attempting to rewrite the so-called culture war.”


“They want the world to forget all of the ignorance they exploited, the lies they told and the tactics they undertook to dehumanize the LGBT community.”


“They want us to forget the times when folks like Anita Bryant accused LGBTs of “recruiting” children to “refreshen” our ranks.”


“They want us to forget the officials in the Reagan Administration who kept the president from adequately addressing the AIDS crisis in its early days.”


“They want us to forget the names and faces of people whose lives were destroyed via homophobic violence or suicide most likely spurred on by the nods of societal homophobia.”


“They want us to forget all of the times when we fearfully hid in the closets, while being attacked by purveyors of junk science during Congressional hearings or had the quality of our lives reduced to fevered sexual fantasies on a day-to-day basis.”


“And most of all, they want us to forget that all of this was done either directly by them or through their tacit approval.”


“Sorry guys, you are not victims. You never were. You can’t pretend that none of these things I just talked about didn’t happen. You can’t pretend that somehow where we are now when it comes to LGBT equality just happened in vacuum. And you can’t erase your history of being bullies. I don’t expect any of you to atone, but at the very least, you need to acknowledge.”



“You can’t escape the truth no matter how fast you run or how much influence you peddle to distance yourself from it.”


“Don’t mistake my words as some sort of call to violence or isolation against you. It’s just to say that I’m hip to the game you are running. Nor am I the only one…”





Well. Isn’t that special.


Oh wait it’s not.


Were the ‘homophobes wrong with their responses towards the multitudes of progay propagandists and those who were gay male authors?


Probably not.


” AIDS the Early Years and CDCs Response”


“October 7, 2011 / 60(04);64-69”


“HIV AIDS Fewer deaths but infections still rising”

“Although the number of AIDS-related deaths has decreased over the years, the number of total infections is still rising.”

“26 Nov 2017 12:05 GMT | Interactive, Health, HIV, Aids INTERACTIVE”




Apparently at least one gay author admits we were right.



“Did Christians Get Gay Marriage Right?”


“By Jay Michaelson “

“3 hours ago, The Daily Beast”–politics.html


And they even recognize that they’ve done people like me harm.



“Do Gay Rights Trump Religion?”

“New Intolerance Runs Roughshod Over Objectors”

“Same-sex Marriage”




And all this has led to the following.



“Americans are less comfortable with LGBTQ people now than they were”

“Abby Haglage, Yahoo Lifestyle 14 hours ago “




Click to access Accelerating%20Acceptance%202018.pdf



Why is this important?


Because when the lgbt became a ‘legally’ protected group they made the mistake of not merely attacking Christians, Jews and more importantly those who come from blue collar communities with traditional values that are either of a religious faith or not. When you attack a individuals ‘normal’ upbringing and introduce ideas that are meaningless drivel with no historical or moral backing you only make enemies.


Enemies that can eventually over turn the ideological tables created not to help Americans but to cause further division and disdain for ideas / philosophy that has been created by lgbt liars for 40 or so years.

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