Question: “Why evp is dangerous?”

Asked: 11-8-2015

Finished: 10 16 2019



For those of us with a interest in ghost hunting and demonology evp is a useful and interesting tool ASSUMING it is not a sound effect added to a video or movie to scare the viewer.


After all while SOME evp maybe actual recordings other so called evp that are promoted on youtube or other video websites are obvious rip-offs’ from commercial sound effect audio files, Halloween records or other ‘haunted house’ sound tracks that you can buy online or at ancient record stores.


But I digress.


Let’s assume the argument that a individual or ghost hunting group has recorded a ‘Class A’ evp and is or will share it online along with information, history on the location and so forth.



The potential dangers of evp recordings.



1 Recordings bad mouthing Christianity, God, Jesus etc.


2 Promoting occult teachings that multiple ghost hunting celebrities are selling on DVD, books, personal or social websites and so forth.


3 Lies about God


4 Worship of other gods



5 worship of satan and demons


6 Personal fraud / fakes / or stealing sound effects that are commercially created and sold for movies, haunted house attractions etc.


7 Substituting Prayer for evp.


8 More to be added…



Next let’s go over my list:



1 It doesn’t take much to find supposed evps bad mouthing God, Jesus on ghost hunting evp websites, youtube and so fourth. But why?


Why Christians need to be careful. IF you are a believer in Jesus you don’t actually need to ghost hunt of do the varied items or subjects they do on the tv shows. You only need to know that Jesus is greater than any human or demonic spirit. He didn’t hunt for ghosts or demons he cast them out.


2 While I cannot specifically say that ‘spirits’ will promote the multitude of ghost hunting theories and doctrines that are published on-line and the myriads of ghost hunting celebs in books, dvds and so forth it seems all to clear that they want. After all… Where is the Holy Scriptures does it say that a human spirit will be ‘stuck’ in the place he or she has died? How are demons or other spirits keeping those ghosts earth bound? These ideas are not based from religious doctrines or subjects but the occult.


3 Lying about God. I’ve heard supposed evps where the ghost, demon rejects the subject of God from the Holy Bible or Tanakh and blasphemes the name of God and the idea of a supreme creator. This of course fits in with Satanism and the occult.


4 The spirit mentions other gods. An interesting item is the video recordings from moselms, buddhists’ and other individuals on YouTube who encounter supposed ‘ghosts’ and these recorded spirits talk, mention the local gods, goddesses and may encourage or react negatively to that individuals use of whatever local god or goddess that they worship. For we Christians it is the doctrines from other religions that show us that the gods or goddess from other Countries is not like our own and those supposed ghosts are reacting to a strong localized spirit calling itself ‘God’.


5 In commercial dvd collections of supposed ‘ghost stories’ such as the previous series “A Haunting” there are stories of demonic attacks and supposed evps of demons calling on satan. It is unknown if these stories are true and if there is evidence to back up the claims from the stories.


6 As a fan of ghost hunting shows I’ve noticed multiple fakes / frauds in their investigations. Tv series like “Ghost Hunters”, “Ghost Adventures” and probably many others have not only fake evidence but fake evp that aren’t actually recorded live but are ‘foley’ recordings or added sound effects within their programs. This means that a portion of their programs can be ruled out as serious investigations.


7 Prayer vs. evp.


I realize that this may seem silly but… As Christian’s… We need to Pray to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. While I realize that a lot of people have a interest in ghost hunting. We need to spend our lives living and learning. We need to learn all we can about Jesus. We need to live, love, and be like Jesus instead of trying to contact the unknown.


Praying to God and seeking him is our way to communicate with our Creator.


Praying to God for our needs, desires, and wants…


Praying to God on behave of our Families, Friends, Co workers, Strangers and all those around us on a daily basis.


Praying to God and seeking his desires, Needs and wants so we can fulfill what Jesus wants us to do while we are alive here.


As Christians we shouldn’t be hunting ghosts, spirits or demons… We should be seeking Jesus who can cast out the spiritually wicked beings in the darkness and let us bring forth light to our world.

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