What would ACTUAL Christian paganism look like?

The following subjects are meant as a generalization of a wider subjects of sycretist paganism mixed with secular or other Christianities that are found online or in the minds of singular or group practitioners.

The following is my own ideas on the subject and not meant as a sole source for this subject.

1 The deity of a ‘pagan christian’ could be one (or more) of the following deities.

a) A god / goddess couple (Married or not)

b) Father, Mother, (Married in order to produce ‘the son’)

c) god / god (Gay)

d) goddess / goddess (Lesbian)

2) Depending on the ‘tradition’ of the practitioner the god / goddess would have names associated with any number of ancient gods or goddesses from the world.

3) The concept that the “Holy Spirit” is a female spirit and is somehow married to the ‘Father’, In order to sexually reproduce and create the ‘son’.

4) The worship of the god / goddess couple in a Temple or sacred space instead of a Church.

5) The use of occult ritual merged to Christianity in order to produce or reproduce a form of spirituality. It would include the use of paganized prayer, books, various rituals for various subjects or celebrations.

6) The use of occult ritual involving weekly, monthly, year celebrations or holidays in the NAME of that god / goddess.

7 The philosophy that Jesus married and produced sons or daughters who have ancestors alive in this modern age.


Now of these generalizations I have listed which of these are closest to actually Christian churches or groups or are they part of the following list:?

Known ‘pagan christians’:

Roman Catholics

Mormons (LDS)

‘christian wiccans’

Other unknown groups.

In other words richard rives & others who following his philosophy are wrong for trying to build a case against Christianity and Christians who donot believe as they do.

In fact rives & his ilk only show themselves as Anti-Christian with websites, Publications with all the foolish claims he publically proclaims.

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