Why richard rives is against Christian culture?

So why is rives against Christian culture or tradition?

Here’s a sampling of his emails:


“Judge Ye Not What is Right? by Richard Rives”


“Each week I provide a video commentary entitled Biblical Christianity – Just the Facts. By way of my commentaries I provide indisputable evidence that while many aspects of contemporary Christianity are found among the traditions of paganism, they cannot be found in the Bible. “

” I tell people that we should keep the Ten Commandments, and that the combination of pagan precepts with the worship of the Biblical Creator is in violation of the first four commandments which tell us how to love the LORD. “

” I tell people that while we are saved by grace through faith sin is still defined as the transgression of the law – that the wages of willful and unrepentant sin is still death – and that we must not practice sin.”

” Some people just don’t like the idea of having rules by which we must abide; and, as you can imagine, I receive a great deal of criticism. Why am I criticized? Not for presenting information that is false, but for presenting factual evidence that they do not like. ”

” Most often what I hear is excuse after excuse as to why it is permissible for Christians to adopt pagan precepts – excuses as to how God knows our hearts and that He really does not care. ”

” Some take it so far as to say that I am being legalistic and that I am going to be in big trouble on judgment day. The bottom line is that either I am right and we should keep our Creator’s commandments or my critics are right and we really do not have to do so. Both views cannot be right. Someone is wrong.!”

” For the sake of discussion let’s just say that I am wrong. Come judgment day what will be my penalty for telling people we should keep the Ten Commandments – commandments that were kept by Jesus, his disciples and by believers of the first century and onward? “


” What will be my penalty for refusing to accept pagan traditions described as abominations by the God of the Bible. What will be my penalty?”

” Once again, for the sake of discussion let’s just say that I am right and that sin is the transgression of the law and that the wages of unrepentant sin is still death. ”

” The Book of Acts speaks of a time of ignorance that God winked at. With the facts at hand, regarding the pagan nature of major components of contemporary Christianity ignorance is no excuse. Come judgment day what penalty will be required of those who knowingly and purposefully break our Creator’s commandments? ”

” What penalty will be required for those who have willingly participated in activities well known to have been in honor of pagan gods? What will be the penalty for those who have taught unsuspecting believers to do so?”

” Earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints; I’m Richard Rives with Just the Facts.”


What would be rives penalty for teaching judaizing?

Romans 13:8-10

Galatians 1:8-10

Galatians 2:16-21

Galatians 5:1-18

Colossians 2:8

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

1 Timothy 1:3-11

1 Timothy 6:3-10

Titus 1:10-16

Titus 3:8-11

Revelation 21:8


” To Everyone that Believeth by Richard Rives”

Thursday, October 18, 2012 12:36 PM

“Today, there are those who would lead us to believe that the Old Testament is all about law and that it is just for the Jews. On the other hand, they would tell us that the New Testament is all about grace and that it is just for the church. ”

” As a result, many believers are unaware of what is written in the Old Testament. Even though Jesus said that Moses wrote of Him they have been persuaded that any effort to keep the commandments as recorded in the Old Testament is to Judaize.”

” For many years now I have been telling everyone who will listen that we should be keeping the commandments of our Creator – The Ten Commandments – all ten. I call attention to the fact that sin is defined in the New Testament as the transgression of the law and caution that we must not break our Creator’s commandments by following the traditions of men.”


” After twenty years of sharing what I have learned there is one thing that has become abundantly clear. There is a great deal of confusion about the law – and God is not the author of confusion.”


” In the book of Acts we learn that the first “church members” if you will, were Jewish people and that they were all zealous of the law.”


” Does that mean that they believed that salvation is obtained by way of the law? Absolutely not. They understood – by way of the law – that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. They understood perfectly what Jesus had done for them and that they were saved by grace through faith and not by works of the law. “


” Why then were they all zealous of the law? It is because by way of the Holy Spirit they understood that the law defines sin and that they must not practice sin, for to do so was to despise the Spirit of Grace.”


” The first “church members” because they accepted Jesus as their savior were empowered by the Holy Spirit to be able to keep the commandments of God. The same is true today. The commandments of our Creator stand fast for ever and ever; and as believers we must not practice sin. The scriptures Old and New were written for our admonition.”

” Earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints; I’m Richard Rives with Just the Facts.”


“Commandments Heard From The Beginning by Richard Rives”

Friday, November 30, 2012 7:19 AM

“Most everyone has heard of the famous work by Edward Gibbon entitled: “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”. Gibbon, was an 18th century historian and a member of British Parliament. ”

” In his writings Gibbon tells us that: “Christianity offered itself to the world, armed with the strength of the Mosaic Law, and delivered from the weight of its fetters. He tells us that the divine authority of Moses and the prophets was admitted, and even established, as the firmest basis of Christianity.”

” Gibbon tells us that: “The enfranchisement of the church from the bonds of the synagogue was a work, however, of some time and of some difficulty; and that “the Jewish converts, who acknowledged Jesus in the character of the Messiah obstinately adhered to the ceremonies of their ancestors”

” He calls those believers “Judaizing Christians” and tells us that they “seem to have argued with some degree of plausibility from the divine origin of the Mosaic Law that if the Being, who is the same through all eternity, had designed to abolish those sacred rites which had served to distinguish his chosen people, the repeal of them would have been no less clear and solemn than their first promulgation, that, instead of those frequent declarations, which either suppose or assert the perpetuity of the Mosaic religion, it would have been represented as a provisionary scheme intended to last only to the coming of the Messiah, who should instruct mankind in a more perfect mode of faith and of worship – that the Messiah himself, and his disciples who conversed with him on earth, instead of authorizing by their example the most minute observances of the Mosaic law, would have published to the world the abolition of those useless and obsolete ceremonies, without suffering Christianity to remain during so many years obscurely confounded among the sects of the Jewish church.”

” Gibbon says that: “Arguments like these appear to have been used in the defense of the expiring cause of the Mosaic Law; but the industry of our learned divines has abundantly explained the ambiguous language of the Old Testament, and the ambiguous conduct of the apostolic teachers.”

” In summary: Gibbon tells us that those whom he calls Judaizing Christians argued that the Mosaic law originated with God and that Jesus and His disciples authorized its observance by their example. In other words, Jesus and His disciples kept the commandments and never taught anyone to break them. They believed that if Jesus had intended for the law to be abrogated by the New Covenant, He would have plainly said so. And as we know, He said the exact opposite. He said that even the slightest aspect of the law would never pass away.”

” As Gibbon states the industry of those who he called “learned divines” attempted to explain away the ambiguous language of the Old Testament, and the ambiguous conduct of the apostolic teachers. There is nothing ambiguous about the language of the Old Testament or the conduct of the apostolic teachers.”


” Even so, today the industry of contemporary Christianity continues in its attempt to explain away the writings of Moses. There is nothing “learned” or “divine” about that.”

” Earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints; I’m Richard Rives with Just the Facts.”


“Reproof by Richard Rives”

Friday, October 26, 2012 1:07 PM

“The Old Testament Book of Proverbs informs us that those who love instruction love knowledge: but that those who hate reproof are brutish.”

” The New Testament book of Second Timothy tells us that: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”


” Timothy instructs us to: Preach the word; to be instant in season, and out of season; to reprove, to rebuke, and to exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. He warned us that the time would come when many will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

” Today, the words of Timothy are being fulfilled in an unprecedented manner. While those who hate instruction reject the commandments of our creator, the pleasing words and interpretations of popular teachers allow anything and everything to be considered Christian in nature. ”

” Many have turned away their ears from the truth. Sound doctrine – the plain words of scripture are rejected while non Biblical fables – things that never had anything to do with Christ are warmly embraced. ”

” That is not Biblical Christianity.”

” The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and for those who love INSTRUCTION and thereby love knowledge, our Creator has written ten easy to understand commandments in stone. ”

” The first four INSTRUCT us how to Love the Lord and the last six INSTRUCT us how to Love our Neighbors. Jesus said the as long as heaven and earth exist those INSTRUCTIONS will never change.”

” Each individual has a choice: Will we turn our ears from the truth in favor of the pleasing words of popular teachers, or will we do what our Creator says?”

” Earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints; I’m Richard Rives with Just the Facts.”


So according to rives if you don’t ‘keep’ the Ten Commandments you are not a Christian.

And yet where are the Scriptures in the NT to verify his statements?

Where are the teachings and Commandments of Jesus and the Disciples for both Jews & Gentiles to solely keep the Ten Commandments as a moral doctrine?

Where in the Scriptures do we as Gentiles need to keep Saturday Sabbath or follow the rest of the Theocratic law of Moses?

In other words rives has no answers. He only has opinion and philosophy and that itself is NOT BIBLICAL Christianity.

richard rives and those who follow him don’t want to be Gentile Christians…  they’d rather be Jewish… And in doing so follow after not after the Scriptures but rives philosophy and falsehoods.

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