Ronin’s list of Common Muslim Defensive Arguments.

The following compliation is done by ronin the other blogger on dr bulldog and ronin…




“Ronin’s list of Common Muslim Defensive Arguments.”



“I made the lovely VelvetHammer a quick list for her next round with crying muslims on her blog “


“I thought it would be fun to post it here and ask readers to search the blogs and see if I forgot any. “


“Muslims really only have a few tricks and a couple of arguments (they are creatures of habit)”


“Muslim Defensive Arguments.”


“I am the bigger victim (included: a list of who is oppressing me) I call that one the muslim whine defense.”


“My prophet is more special than yours (a variation of the 5yr olds argument that my daddy can beat your daddy up) I call it the crybaby defense. “


“Allah is right, (even when given proof he is fictional) I call it the Easter bunny defense. “


“They do not worship mohammed, although they all follow him blindly (still hero worship) This is the idol worship defense.”


“Nothing but Allah is scared-no other symbol (but drop a koran and they lose their minds) A variation of idol worship.”


“Islam grants equality to all (except, blacks, women, infidels, Jews and muslims with a different imam) I call it the Muslims number one lie defense.”


“They are taught to never answer a question without a rambling argument to distract from the original question. The distraction defense.”


“Dwell on one seemingly insignificant point and attempt to out last your opponent. The brick defense .”


“Blame Islam (my personal favorite) this one is classic. You portray your understanding can only reached by years of diligent study and proper training. It is really a circular argument “I am right, you are just not advanced to know that I am right, so I am right, right? The great circle defense.”


“Run through any blog and that pretty much covers all arguments, except one:”



“Quote the texts (really an admission they have absolutely no individual thought or responsibility, everything was decided for them, no free will) I call that one the “I surrender defense”. “


“That’s it, Islam in a nutshell. “



In participating and watching forum debates with moslems on Doctor Bulldog and Ronins blog the  above  moslem defenses are used regularly.

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