richard rives eisḗgesis is not Biblical Christianity

rives sent out the following email on Feb 2014.




“Private Interpretation by Richard Rives”

“Feb 14 2014”


“The Ten Commandments are continually challenged by traditions that have gradually developed over thousands of years. I’m not talking about the traditions passed down from believers that walked and talked with Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel, but the satanically inspired traditions of men that attempt to lead us away from the truth. “


“Traditions that would never have been accepted in the past are now commonplace in our churches. Satan was defeated at the cross; however, the kingdoms of this world have not yet become the kingdoms of our LORD. Satan is still the god of this world and by way of deceit, non-Biblical precepts have been gradually introduced into Christianity over thousands of years.”


” Things that would have never been accepted by the believers that walked and talked with Christ are now proclaimed by many to be “Christian” in nature.”


” How can this be explained? Well, even though there is no actual way to explain it, theologians attempt to do so by way of what they call hermeneutics, based on the Greek word introduced into philosophy by Aristotle in his work Peri Hermeneias, “On Interpretation.” Through what theologians call “exegesis” they attempt to provide an explanation of what the Bible is really trying to tell us.”


” The Bible warns of philosophy and vain deceit. Even so, much of modern day theological interpretation is based on just that, the philosophical interpretations of man rather than literal context of scripture – a concept rooted in Alexandrian Christianity and the schools of Origen and Clement – a concept advanced during the dark ages when common people had no access to scripture; and when a literal understanding of scripture was a challenge to “church” dogma.”


” While one of the main objectives of the Protestant Reformation was to bring back a more literal interpretation – Sola Scriptura – scripture only, today philosophical skepticism once again questions the idea that absolute knowledge and certainty is even possible.”



” The simple truths of scripture are challenged on every front. Our adversary’s age old challenge of” Hath God Said?” continues to pervade contemporary Christianity.

As believers we must require our leaders to tell the truth rather than attempt to explain it a way. ”


” The Commandments of our Creator are sure. All ten. They stand fast forever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness.”


” Earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the Saints: I’m Richard Rives with Just the Facts.”






How can Christians ‘explain away’ changes to Moses Law?


How about here:


Matthew 22:33-40 (KJV)


Mark 12:28-33


Luke 10:27


(Gee that wasn’t very hard eh rives?!) Now why would only two of the Commandments be so important? Because AS GOD Jesus knew that mankind needed morality and God to live the best life possible on earth.


Remember that I mentioned the early Church document called ” The Didache”? That document was the handbook that the early Church used for both Jews and Gentile converts into early Christianity.


This of course means that the early Church wasn’t using the Torah but only Jesus teachings.


How quaint that rives warns about the use of opinion and philosophy and yet rives philosophy is incorrect and his claims spiritual garbage. His historical and Biblical ignorance about Christianity only makes me question his methods and activities even more.

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