LRA supported by Sudanese Jihadi’s

 This is a reposting of my first investigation into the allegations of the LRA being a Christian group or simply a bunch of pagan thugs. If people understood the differences between Christians and those who follow militant criminal groups they would not be so willing to judge Christians by the actions of those who are actually rejecting Jesus Christ and following satan.


I found this xanga muslim blogger in Jan 2009 and he posted the following;



“Terrorist Group in Uganda “

“Wednesday, November 28, 2007”



“Have you heard of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA)? There leader Joseph Kony wants’ to establish a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments and the Holy Bible. It all started in the late 80s and still continues to this day. His army has abducted more than 20,000 innocent children and forced them to fight in the war and be the slaves of his officers. These children over decades have been victims of the most outrageous crimes from rape to mutilation and it has only gotten attention in 2003 when 3 young Americans went and filmed Invisible Children.”


“It is strange that we hardly see anything about this group of terrorists. After seeing this video (below), I personally believe that out of all the terrorists in the world, these are the worse. Anyone who uses children like this deserves Hell. Ameen!”


“1987 to present – 20 years and counting of killing, enslaving, brainwashing, raping, mutilating, beating, massacring children and yet not a single American soldier is in Uganda. The question is, why hasn’t the United States government say anything about this?”


The muslim bloggers info:


“Name: MujahideenRyder.Net”

“Country: United States”

“State: New York”

“Metro: Long Island”

“Gender: Male “

“Occupation: Student”


Are the actions of the LRA Christian? Is the Theology or Doctrines of the LRA related to the Christian Church? OF COURSE NOT! And if this silly muslim blogger spent more time learning the differences between so called ‘Christian terrorist’ groups and REAL Christians he would know better than posting propaganda like this.


Since I have already posted a collection of quotes demonstrating that Joseph Kony and his militants are not Christian but a combined satanic religious soup from hell. I won’t get into that.



Hmmm just WHO is backing the LRA folks? Sudan’s Islamic Government…


Notice the following articles with links:


Lord’s Resistance Army



“Khartoum and the LRA: Clear Evidence of Renewed Assistance,” June 20, 2003




Kony’s killers

April 03, 2004, Vol. 19, No. 13




Joseph Kony’s Spirit War (2003)

Richard Petraitis



The mystic and his brutal army of child soldiers



And to answer the muslim blogger. Yes the UN and America have been fighting Kony.


Americas attempts to rid Africa of the LRS:



There is something more noticeable that this muslim blogger neglected to mention.


IF the Islamist Governments supported the LRA with weapons and other types of militant support then they too have blood on their hands. This of course means that muslim Governments support the murder of civilians regardless of sex, age, religion, or race. And of course if this is ‘allahs will’ it provides more evidence that Kony’s god is allah not Jehovah.


Kony’s ideas on a theocratic Government doesn’t come from Biblical Christianity but the Roman Catholic church and islam. Both groups have long histories of bloodshed and criminality against other groups, and religions.


Amazingly this muslim blogger didn’t spend much time to investigate to see if Kony’s criminals are truly Christian or marauding militant criminals. But hey what else is new with a name like ‘mujahedeen rider’.


Muslims like this blogger are willing to use ANY news story to discredit Christians, Jews, Atheists and anyone else. But ignore the many news stories on abused muslimas, honor killings, suicide bombings that effect Islams culture and system.


It is little wonder why the Islamic system has so many critics and so many enemies.

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