Liberal Jews are offended with islamaphobia

In a recent mass email the following article was posted on this Jewish sects website.

“Jewish clergy join anti Islamaphobia event”

“September 8, 2011 “

“WASHINGTON (JTA) — Top Jewish clergy joined a religious gathering to combat Islamaphobia as the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks nears.”

“Ten years after 9/11, it has somehow become respectable to verbally attack Muslims and Islam in America,” Rabbi Eric Yoffie, the president of the Union of Reform Judaism, said Thursday at the Washington event organized by Shoulder to Shoulder, a group founded a year ago during a period of intensified anti-Muslim rhetoric. “


“There are very real consequences when entire populations are represented in the public imagination by their worst elements, when the sins of the few are applied to the group as a whole. I have watched in astonishment as prominent politicians, including candidates for president of the United States, have found it politically opportune to peddle divisive anti-Muslim bigotry.”

“Also addressing the event at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church was Steve Gutow, a Reconstructionist rabbi and the president of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the public policy umbrella group.”

“A great people and a great nation do not let their brothers and sisters suffer from bigotry and persecution,” Gutow said. “Our Muslim brothers and sisters suffer exactly that in all corners of this great country of ours. Today is a day to stand up and say we have had enough.”


“Rabbi Burton Visotzky of the Conservative movement’s Jewish Theological Seminary said Muslims “have always been part of the fabric of America.””

“Also attending were Rabbi Marc Schneier, a co-founder of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding; Rabbi Jack Moline, representing the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly; Rabbi Sidney Schwarz, representing the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association and the Faith and the Common Good project, and Rabbi Dr. Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer, representing theReconstructionistRabbinicalCollege.”

Well here is my response to this article.

1 The quickest objection to my criticism of this sects news article is to call me or label me a ‘Anti-Semite’, racist or some other term. However in my multiple years as a blogger I have NEVER publically or privately said anything against the Jewish people. And so such claims amount to nothing.

2 Those in liberalized religions,  practicing the abomination of ‘interfaith’ are helping to create a Theological disaster. Christianity has little to do with liberal Judaism, Christianity has little to do with universalists or islam due to each groups counter doctrines & theology. Each groups Those is such groups, or philosophies etc may dislike ‘islamaphobes’ comments about islams bloody history, islams total domination over pre existing religions that were once in the Middle east and their distasteful treatment of non muslim women and their own muslimas.

3 Muslims HAVE NOT been part of the ‘fabric ofAmerica’ during its birth. They DID NOT fight for us against the British. They DID NOT Sign the Constitution or other documents. In fact our first battles with muslims were known as the first and second Barbary wars. Islam did not arrive into the USA till possibly 1900. And so I donot believe anyone’s claims that islam has brought anything of value to America or the west for the last 1400 years.

For anyone to try to lay claim that islam had anything to do withAmericashistory is short sighted.

4 Despite varied liberals / leftists having a permanent distain for others Free speech, Freedom of press the fact remains I have every right to read & research islam and to be critical of it as I choose.

5 I am always saddened and surprised by those in the leftist and liberal camps who remain stead fast in their political correctness by avoiding to read the quran, moslem blogs and websites and not taking note of islams teachings involving Jews, Christians, Women, homosexuals and multiple other groups or subjects. Those who support islam and its systems do so as idiotic dhimmis and traitors.

It is about time for liberals; Jewish or not to make a choice. Research islam and take note of its history and political systems or become its slaves as did the Middle east populations during Muhammads life and after his death.

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