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I just discovered these fellow Anti jihadists and decided to add them to my long list of “Islamaphobes” friends… The following are thier ‘about’ page and thier objectives.




“About AIM”




“to our new visitors. A brief explanation of the aims of this website and of our organisation might be useful at this stage.”

“The contributors are all convinced of one thing. This is that Islam, as taught and practiced by very many Muslims, is incompatible with societies whose foundations are influenced by a Judeo-Christian ethic. These nations place a high value on human dignity and the importance of individual rights and freedoms. They have not yet gone down the tyrannical path historically so often associated with Islamic influence.”



“This problem is global, and there are many websites which expose the threat of “Islamism” (radical Islam) and its real agenda. As Australia is an integral part of the free and democratic world, we feel that it has an important role to play here. In addition, there is a need for a specifically Australian website and organisation which can catalogue the main players and organisations here. We also hope to link up with sites worldwide to share knowledge and information.”



“Everyone is aware of the threat of Islamic terrorism. However, we also aim to inform Australians of the threat to our lifestyle and security that lawful Islamists pose. We can all play a part in combatting the threat by increased vigilance and being prepared to speak up when our law and security is challenged.”



“We state clearly and unequivocally that Muslims have just as much right to truth and freedom as any other people on earth. Muslims are not our enemy. The enemy is radical Islam.”



“With that common commitment, our aims are:”


“To expose the supremacist nature of the Islamists’ world view, and how the Koran is seen by them to encourage separation from and hostility towards non-Muslims.”


“To support freedom of speech for all, as long as it does not incite violence, including the right to discuss the Koran and criticise Islam without threat of violence.”


“To learn how to spot “Taqiyya” (deception) in all its forms! This includes many Muslim leaders who pose as moderates and use Islam’s tenets to undermine democracy and rule of law. We will also turn the spotlight on the numerous inter-faith groups, whose narrative is dominated by Muslims claiming to be moderate but who often have a radical Islamist agenda.”


“To inform people of the tactics used by modern Jihadis.”


“To end the political correctness which allows our schools and universities to be infiltrated by Islamists, giving our youth false reassurances about their agenda. This PC also encourages universities to have only Islamist-friendly speakers on campus and prevents young people hearing alternative viewpoints.”


“To alert Australians to the urgency of the threat.”


“To “de-construct” the spin, bias and lies of the mainstream media concerning Islamists.”


“To illustrate how multiculturalism has produced separatism, tribalism and hostility to mainstream Australia and even enabled terror. We want integration of all citizens. One visible statement of a separatist mentality is full-face burkahs on women, which should be banned.”


“To form alliances with like-minded people.”


“To assert that Western civilisation has nothing to apologise for. In fact, we stand by the belief that the rest of the world is indebted to our forebears, who brought enlightenment to the world.”


“To assert the preferability of separation of State and religion, religious pluralism, gender equality and tolerance over the intolerance associated with Sharia law.”


“To support freedom of personal worship of any religion, as long as it does not threaten our democracy or society. We also believe it should be a very serious crime to intimidate or threaten, especially with murder, any Muslims who wish to leave their faith.”



 “To support truly moderate Muslims who want to embrace democracy so that they can be emboldened to fight Islamists and join us in our fight to uphold our hard-won freedoms.”


“To raise awareness of how our enemies use our immigration policies against us. In particular, we seek an end to UN jurisdiction on matters of our immigration, including who we should accept as refugees.”


“expose and demand accountability for the funding of any organisation from a foreign source, including funding for mosques, the MCCA and Muslim “charities”.”


“To work towards ending our dependency on oil, and finding alternative energy sources which help break our ties to countries ruled by Islamic extremism.”


“To that end we also want this to be known:”


“We are anti-racist in all its forms. Race is not an issue for any of us. Our struggle is to expose Islamism, which is not a race. In fact, we are from very diverse ethnic backgrounds (either in our immediate circle or by marriage): “, America, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Jordan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, The Philippines, Thailand and Turkey. Any attempt to hijack our blog and turn it into a forum for racial vilification will be dealt with immediately and thoroughly. Posts will be removed and posters banned.”


“We are also a group of people from very diverse religious, philosophic and social backgrounds.”


“What unites us is knowledge, awareness and a very deep concern for the future of our country. We appreciate our culture. We are not ashamed of it. We are committed to defending it from Islamists.”


“Our Objectives:”




“Islam in its current form, as preached, taught and propagated by the mainstream Muslim elites, is  incompatible with the existing political system in Australia. This is because Islam in this form is not just a religion but an entire political system, and regulatory force, controlling every aspect of the life of its followers and requiring them to actively secure for Islam the dominant, privileged position.”


“This is not confined to religious dominance, but most importantly  it aims to replace our Australian political system and democratic principles with Islamic ones. Moreover, Muslims living in Australia are instructed by their  religious leaders that Islamic law (Sharia) has primacy over  Australian law. This process has already begun. There is considerable evidence that (here and elsewhere) Muslim leaders use covert means to achieve their goals by subverting  existing democratic processes and procedures.  Misleading information is given to our political leaders, the community and religious leaders about Islam’s final intent. The involvement of other countries with financial and political support poses an additional threat to our nation.”



“We at AIM believe that this form of Islam (called Islamism) has become a serious threat to the viability of Australia as a Western Democracy, to our egalitarian values, and our freedom. Furthermore we believe that if this process is not stopped now, Australia will become yet another part of the world suffering  chronic violence, intolerance  (discrimination against non-Muslims which has its basis in the Qur’an) and  declining legal and intellectual freedom. On behalf of Australians who cherish their freedom and democracy, we reject  Islamism and Shariah in any form.”


“urgently call on truly moderate Muslims to reform Islam, so that it becomes a true, personal religion, not an ideology, and can take its place alongside the peaceful religions which make up our multifaith community.”




“To make Federal Government recognize that Islam in its current form (as understood and preached by the current Islamic leaders) is a hostile ideology and a threat to the existing democratic system.”


“To make the Australian public (schools, universities, government programs) aware of the true intentions of what is currently recognised as the mainstream Islam (and help them identify these hostile intentions).”


“To ensure that the Islam as one of the official, mainstream religions is confined to personal faith – not a political/legal ideology.”


“Islam cannot be treated differently to all other religions (e.g. prayer times during business/school hours, separate toilets, changerooms, separate finance system, etc).”



“Mosques and prayer rooms can be built/established as long as there is no Islamism propagated.  Under no circumstances they can be used for preaching any form of political and legal Islamization of Australia and Australian political and legal system.”


“Preaching and teaching Jihad and any other form of violence to be a serious criminal offence.”


“Islamic schools can exist only under strict government supervision and guidelines.”


“Muslim charities’ activities must be 100% transparent and foreign funding banned.”


“No money donations from Muslim states and/or organizations can be accepted by any public Australian organizations.”



“ALL business with Islamic States must be 100% transparent.”


“National and political security of Australia must become the most important factor in shaping our immigration policy.”


“All applicants from Muslim regions must be treated as a potential security risk (including Muslim refugees from Islamic countries claiming religious persecution).”


“Introduction of special oath of loyalty to Australia and Australian LAW (criminal offence if proven disloyalty e.g. demanding Sharia).”


“Australian Citizenship is revoked in cases when disloyalty to Australia is proven.”



“In all government employment policies national security must take priority over equal opportunity principles.”


“To end our dependency on oil, and enable alternative energy sources which help break our ties to countries ruled by Islamic extremism.”

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