The Genesis of my blog

I have been a Christian since 1992 and I’ve learned alot about people, religious faith & even political ideologies. From 1992-1999 I was a single guy simply living my life, going to Church and being a decent human being.

And yet I noticed that there were things wrong in the world.

Here are the three subjects I discovered while I was in my twenty’s.

False religions

liberal (progressive) politics

counter Christian / anti-Christian ideas, ideologies etc.

Let’s start with the first subject.

False religions:

As a young guy I noticed that friends of mine did not share my Faith or those subjects that were taught in my Faith. This revelation urged me to discover / research multiple groups such as.

lds (mormons)

jehovahs witnesses


(levayian) satanists

Other occult religions, ghost hunting etc…

Seventh day advent-ism

And many others…

My studies helped me discover their teachings, ideas and values many of which I do not agree with.

liberal (progressive) politics:

I have lived in Washington State all my life. From July 1971 till present and I have seen my once Beautiful State turn into a disaster politically and physically.

In the 1970’s I remember many blue-collar families and the pride of being in the Unions and Boeing. I remember alot of small & big businesses thriving from King county all the way to Skagit county.

But not now… High taxes, legalized drugs, potential prostitution legalization, lgbt friendly philosophy & laws, far left-leaning unions that includes socialism.

And these progressive / far-left philosophies are destroying my state, Oregon & California.

counter Christian / anti-Christian ideas, ideologies etc:

With the advent of the internet around 1995 information exploded. I soon learned more about how organized religions were against not only Christianity but God. After 2003 I got married to my Filipina wife & we soon had 3 kids. When my kids were babies & toddlers I discovered youtube and the rise of islam online and it’s many evil characters like ahmed deedat, mujahedeen and all the others who hated everything American, Western.

To give you another example of the changes I’ve seen in American society & culture. I graduated from high school in 1990. Terms such as ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘lgbt’ did not exist in the small town I grew up in. And in my blue-collar neighborhood, you wouldn’t know of those terms unless you bought porn from any number of stores in the Sea-Tac area, Seattle etc.

My classmates who were gay males or lesbians did not publicly announce their fetishes they kept them to themselves and like-minded persons that they had sex with. I as their classmate did not know of the terminologies that they practiced. I simply treated them as acquaintances or friends.

Many years later I would find out about what they practiced and how it killed them through suicide, drug addiction, hiv / aids.

The date I started vlogging and later blogging:

I first started vlogging in 2003 through youtube. Later I started the research and ideas that would become this blog gaining experience on former blogs such as Dr bulldog and ronin and others through comments and responses to various individuals. I’ve been doing Christian apologetics, Political opinion pieces and more through this blog, youtube, Instagram and more.

What happens next?

It will depend on what we as Christians, blue collar folks, Conservatives and even the Republicans want for our country. Do we want to continue the spiral downwards? Will we move from our Home states to another state due to the failed policies of the democrats & their leftist allies? Or shall we fight politically, spiritually & potentially physically?

Time will tell.

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