Mistakes on my blog and other issues

Mistakes on my blog and other issues

Aug 14 2016



Many of the mistakes in my blog is in my formatting. I am uneducated with the wordpress system and it’s been a thorn in my side for years.



Subject Formatting problems:


I’ve tried regularly to fix my subject portions of my blog attempting to categorize various subjects I’ve written about such as.



Law of Moses / Sabbath


Pro gay propaganda

Pro leftist article / propaganda responses



And yet I have not been able to fix these problems so far…


Grammar Problems:


Some of comments I’ve read on facebook complain about my use of Grammar. My typical way of ‘trolling’ various authors is to use lower case letters in their names or those subjects they write about / care about. In that way I am ‘disrespecting’ those subjects they care about.


After all… The legalists & the political / ideological left like to disrespect Christians with their posts & articles in their own media. Someone might as well respond in kind to them.


More to come…

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