Hello to Facebook Visitors

Hello to Facebook Visitors




As a Facebook user I’ve known for a while that various individuals have visited my blog over the years and copied my post on their site. I don’t mind them doing that and I ‘m glad they found my blog.


Some Facebook-ians (?) have agreed with my views and others aren’t very happy with me due to my exposing their legalism or leftist ideology.


Interestingly enough those who disagree with me don’t want to comment directly to me on my blog they only want to leave comments on those facebook pages that they are allied to. This only proves that those who disagree with me don’t want to have any conversation they simply want to be in their specific bubble.


But I digress…


At some point it is my plan to join facebook with my own site there and link it to this blog. But I will have to wait and see how my personal life and finances go before making any decisions in the future.

Thank you all for visiting.


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