All great stories have a beginning and so I’ll tell you my dear reader… mine.

I was not raised in the Christian church. In fact I rarely set foot in a church Christian or otherwise except for several exceptions. The main reason for my lack of religious education and faith was because of my father… a skeptic, agnostic, science fiction lover who thought of God as a monstrous deity.

The main reason for me to get involved with Christian churches was my mother. She would open up her Bible and write up the Ten Commandments as a love letter to me and my brother when we rebelled against her.

Such sweet actions from her… planted the seeds of Faith in my mind from my childhood until in 1991 when I was released from active duty as a young US Marine for medical reasons.

As a young Marine getting ready to leave my limited duties I met a variety of Christian individuals who lead me into a sinners prayer and this lead me to the Christian Church. In those churches I learned a lot about the Bible, God, Jesus and the many differences in Theology, Doctrines, Denominations that donot always mirror modern Christianity.

Now that I have given you a snap shot about my life allow me to address my reasons for my blogging.


1) My issues with Seventh Day Adventism.

A) Believe it or not dear reader I do have SDA friends. My very first childhood friend  had been like a brother too me from 1976 or 1977 until 2004. Our falling out happened during the time period we were roommates when he tried to convert me to the philosophy that EG White created around her group.

Admittedly he tried to convince me that EG Whites teachings were Biblical through email conversations, tracts and many arguments / conversations. These of course failed once I found the many so called “Anti” SDA websites and my own desire to read up on EG Whites writings online and fact checked them using my Bible.

The research over the years brought me to the conclusions you can read in my blog. While I accept Gods Sabbath is on Saturday. I cannot “Get over” the fact that Gods Sabbath was for  Israel  and Jews. I cannot “Get over” the fact that those who broke Gods Sabbath WERE KILLED and such things could happen again. Lastly I CANNOT “Get over” the fact that neither Jews nor SDA or other Gentile Sabbath keepers truly keep Gods Sabbath as directed in the Torah. This means everyone who claims to keep Gods Sabbath are in reality SABBATH BREAKERS and it is only by Jesus sacrifice that keeps God from slaughtering them all.

B) I DO read a lot of articles and blog postings of Sabbath keepers online. I regularly copy and make up files of materials that are taught by such groups and individuals. Such teachings donot measure up to what Jesus taught nor does it measure up to the teachings of the Disciples.

C) It has been a lot easier to look up EG Whites writings and to read them online. Some of these writings I have copied and saved as SDA files on my computer. When I fact check her writings against my Bible it is clear to me that her writings donot measure up against the Bible. The lack of evidence of her so called ‘truth’ doesn’t lead me to any other mentality than she was deceived.


2) My issues with Theonomy:

The latest batch of Theonomists like Richard Rives, Hebrew Roots and many others have forced me to review their online teachings and whatever other information they post online and using my Bible I have fact checked their claims and found them to be deceived. Because I believe that their philosophies go against Gods word. I have already posted my various replies to those who follow Theonomy or other types of so called “Ten Commandment Keeper” articles.

I find that those who keep various forms of Theonomy are deceived because Gods Law or Moses Laws are 613 Commandments. These laws CANNOT be separated and if those in Theonomy who practice such things are no longer Christian but either Neo-Jews or Judaizers.


My issues with islam:

My distain for islams systems goes back to 2007 when I first discovered youtube and the many Anti Christian videos by ahmed deedat and other moslems posted to attack Christians. I eventually created several files about islam on my computer and bought and read the quran. My online research and fact checking the quran verses my Bible lead me to believe that islam as a religion is a corruption of several religions known as religious syncretism.

(Issue 1) The claims made up by moslems that their god allah is the same Gods as Jews or Christians I believe are a false claim because it is very clear that islams god in the quran rejects Jews and Christians. I have posted such information on my blog

(Issue 2) The prophet Muhammad was not a prophet from the God of Israel but was a mouth piece for a angel that claimed to be from allah. Allah inArabiawas once known as a pagan god worshipped by muhammads Grandfather and Father.

(Issue 3) Having read the quran… And researched its claims leads me to the belief that it is nothing more than muhammads imagination and opinion. I can find no evidence in history or archeology that it remotely true. Its stories of Jesus, Moses, Abraham and many others are not based off of truth but legends and made up nonsense.

(Issue 4) The subject of sharia laws is a regular feature of so called Anti-islam blogs and websites. Having read up on sharia laws posted typically by moslems. I am certain that should sharia laws become the ‘norm’ in theUSA,Canadaand other places. Christianity as I know it. Judaism, Atheism and many other religions or philosophies will either be controlled, banned or out rightly destroyed.


My issues with other religions: LDS (Mormons), Jehovahs witnesses etc)

While mormons and the JW appear to be “Christian” their history, doctrines and Theology have lead me to the belief that they are false religions. I don’t need to discuss much about those religions at present…

As time permits and in my various internet travels allow I will find LDS or JW posts and give them my answers in the future.

This includes atheists and others who attack Christians online.


My Issues with American culture as determined by the political left, humanists, atheists and liberals.

As you have read or will read… I dare question not only the political but doctrinal ideas behind subjects or issues behind gay marriage, liberal philosophy and responses to news articles or posts by liberal authors from online materials or books I periodically read. Each post I create are my responses to those specific articles or posts with my opinion or Biblical answers as I am able to author.


MY BLOG OBJECTIVE: To create a series of posts aimed at one subject, group philosophy / teaching and provide Biblical answers from both the Bible and Christians websites.



These are my reasons for blogging to answer the Skeptics, Answer the deceived and answer those who are against Protestant Christianity.

I MUST STRESS that I AM NOT a PROFESSIONAL; MINISTER, THEOLOGIAN, PHILOSOPHER, COUNCILOR or anyone else involved in a Professional Ministry. I am only a 40 year old man who has opinions and a desire to Defend Protestant Christianity from individuals and groups that are posting online teachings that are contrary to Jesus and the Disciples.

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